Anonymous said: Scam (more) and filed it under (unknown)
Anon said: This appears to be a good call number claiming you have been in an... (more)
xxx said: Caller left no message. Caller ID showed "Governet Inc." I find number to... (more) and filed it under Governet, Inc
nursem said: An east Indian fellow, very thick accent, wanted access to our computers... (more) and filed it under 1-208-1234567
grampstold said: Told east Indian that we were not interested in anything he was... (more)
Don said: 3rd time they have called now (woman twice, and a man ) Indian from India... (more)
Don said: 3rd time they have called now (woman twice, and a man ) Indian from India... (more)
Don said: 3rd time they have called now (woman twice, and a man ) Indian from India... (more)
inor34 said: Caller spoke with quite an accent calling about my computer and detected... (more) and filed it under "Unknown
mitch said: scam number (more)
RAS said: Recording comes on upon answering phone stating that IRS has been trying... (more) and filed it under Oakland MD
fuckerface said: (more)
fuckerface said: (more)
Ray said: This number continues to call over and over again. Won't leave a voice... (more)
anonymous said: (more) and filed it under United Airlines
Elle said: keeps calling, doesn't say anything when I answer (more)
Hvac said: (more) and filed it under Fork refridg
Jj said: (more) and filed it under Panjavr
Anon said: RTA accident helpline!!!!!!!! (more)
burg said: I am on the do n ot call list And this number keeps calling ! not very... (more) and filed it under clearwater res.
tom crooks said: I have been getting calls every day from this number and would like to... (more) and filed it under Clearwater Res
HT Russell said: I receive calls from this number just about every day, despite the fact... (more) and filed it under Clearwater Res
son said: We get calls several times a week, always in the evening around 8:00 to 9... (more) and filed it under Clearwater Res, Telephone Surveyor
n/a said: unwanted unknown (more) and filed it under 1 208 376 3376
claw said: Please take my number out of your data base, we are tired of getting... (more)
big2008 said: I called the number and pressed 0 and got to a women Elen Dietz and asked... (more)
disgusted with you said: caller said he was calling about nys health I replied anyone who called... (more) and filed it under idaho
Adelbert West said: called several times over past a few days. Never leave a message when we... (more)
Cranky Geezer said: The call announced it was CONSUMER LAW calling - turned out to be another... (more) and filed it under None Appears.
Ryan S said: A woman has called me from this number throughout the past two years. The... (more) and filed it under Unknown, Beynun Ingwar K
coke said: This number calls my phone daily while I am at work but never leaves a... (more)
Cowboy said: Calling my number several times (more)
nile said: (more) and filed it under Unknown
nile said: (more)
Charlie said: You need to turn this information over to the Federal Trade Commission to... (more)
HodabownJomma said: Also kids love to wear jerseys most specifically if they may be playing... (more) and filed it under Event / Reminder / Notification
Anonymous said: This phonenumber showed up on my cellphone's caller ID & when I... (more)
Anonymous said: I don't know this number... and i never answer my cell phone on a number... (more) and filed it under Unknown, Unknown Caller
Merry said: I called the number back. A woman's recorded voice said, "thank you for... (more) and filed it under Unknown Caller
MG said: I did not recogize the number, so I did not answer. No message was left. (more) and filed it under Unknown, Unknown Caller
Pigman said: No message left. When calling the number back there is a recording that... (more) and filed it under Unknown Caller
cris said: unknown caller called my cell and started speaking spanish. I dont speak... (more) and filed it under Unknown Caller
Anonymous said: I don't answer if I don't know the number. (more) and filed it under Unknown Caller
Anonymous said: Woman's voice "This is a travel related call and will be calling you back... (more) and filed it under Unknown Caller, Other
piggy said: I answered my cell and it was a recording with loud clapping and then a... (more) and filed it under Unknown Caller
annonymous said: just got the call on cell answered it since I didnt look to see who it... (more) and filed it under Unknown Caller
Anonymous said: A tape Spanish voice. (more) and filed it under Unknown Caller
Swiss said: heard a bunch of quick speakin spanish and i hung up (more) and filed it under Unknown, 12089911198, Boise Idaho?
Anonymous said: (more)
Graciela Escobar said: Siguen llamando ahora de este numero y dicen mi nombre y que es personal... (more) and filed it under "Unknown" + "Long Distance", Unknown Bill Collector
Anonymous said: I receiving every day calls of this number. Its Robocaller. Fraud (more) and filed it under Unknown, Unknown (Scammer?)
CS said: Source Receivable Management is a North Carolina Based Debt Collector... (more) and filed it under Broadvox Distri, Source Receivable Management
tibo said: texting without giving identity (more) and filed it under NONE, t mobile
nst said: (more)
anonymous said: (more)
Anonymous said: This number calls from a service that will ring your cell phone number if... (more) and filed it under 2089531569, Event / Reminder / Notification, icantfindmyphone-com
Anonymous said: This lady keeps calling to talk to our store manager about advertising on... (more) and filed it under CNS, Telemarketer
Annonymous said: Called and wanted to speak with the owner. I said, How can I help you?... (more) and filed it under Jeanne
rob said: telemarketer, calls daily asks for owner of business, I tell them to stop... (more) and filed it under Telemarketer, Unknown Caller, Unknown would not say
ladonna said: Called to sell advertising for a local school sports schedule poster...... (more) and filed it under CNS, Telemarketer
Idaho-NoUdaHo said: This is a charitable organization for the disabled. They take small... (more) and filed it under The Arc
chameleman said: They called me Friday night and this Monday afternoon.  First time... (more)
anon said: I keep getting calls from these people for someone else and I have told... (more) and filed it under IC Systems
Sez said: (more)
JM said: @SA I hope you didn't forget to add another layer of aluminum to your... (more) and filed it under Unknown Caller
sa said: They can open up your microphone to monitor you I too got this call and... (more) and filed it under Unknown Caller
Al said: Just got a call from this number too. Did not answer. Looks like spam (more)
Malinko said: Freak didn't respond to me when I answered. (more)
Freak hater said: someone can tellme about this number becouse (more)
L said: Got a call but was in a movie theater. (more)
anonymous said: I just got a call a minute ago but he hang up after I answered (more)
maganda said: yeah i got a call too about 3 minutes agon, the language is in spanish or... (more)
donsouthcal said: i just recvd one now . recorddindg in espanol' (more)
pippi said: I just got the call and did not pick up as I did not recognize the number... (more)
Tasia said: hey, I just got a call from the idaho no. too, message in spanish. ugh.... (more)
Fred said: Same thing. Wierd number, but no answer. ANNOYING (more)
Illinois said: Yep, I just recieved one and it was in spanish... (more)
SKIP said: same for me too. annoying. i wished we could find out who they were to... (more)
b said: I just had a call from the same number as well and a very bad recording... (more)
Vaughnie said: Yep i got the same phone call ..NO Answer no message. (more)
anonymous said: Got a call and then a tape in Spanish which i don't understand. (more) and filed it under 1-208-991-1192
nancy said: got a call and then tape in spanish, as did anonymous. Is there a scam... (more) and filed it under 1-208-991-1192
illinois said: I got the call but didn't pick up since it looked unfamiliar. (more) and filed it under 208-991-1192
Kady said: Unfamiliar number, did not answer and they did not leave a message. (more)
Alex N said: I too got a call from 208 991 1192 about 10 minutes ago... did not pick... (more) and filed it under Name Unknown
Rahul said: Got the answer so thought I should share.. This number is displayed if... (more) and filed it under Unknown, None, Unknown Caller
Rahul said: Funny unknown calls.. no one talks just hangs up.. (more) and filed it under Unknown, None, Unknown Caller
Dj said: legal resource company: [skip trace] Verifies address before sending out... (more) and filed it under Collection Agency, findlaw
resistor said: Hey everybody Its not someone's cell phone or fixed line number its just... (more)
Frank said: no one talks or answers then call ends (more)
anonymous said: (more) and filed it under The Springs of Royal Oaks Fax Line, Unknown Caller
PRDd said: I want to know why they called & stop phone solicitation. (more) and filed it under UNKNOWN NAME
Anonymous said: Just got a call from this number. I didn't answer and they did not leave... (more) and filed it under Unknown Caller
stevo said: youre retarded stevo. (more)
mb said: they called my cell! i started speaking spanish back. helped with my... (more)
Patty said: same thing here- 12089911198 . no message was left on my cell . (more)
bee said: I rec'd a call from this number today and they didn't leave any msg.... (more)
RTP said: I had the same call yesterday and called back. A recording saying this... (more)
Doris said: Phoned and left no message. (more)
Doris said: Same thing.  Some Spanish speaking woman.   On my land line I... (more)
B said: Called, lots of static (like a phone mouthpiece being rubbed across a... (more)
ki said: Call placed to cellphone and I did not answer.  No message left.... (more)
LHS said: Static spanish message on line when I answered my cell phone. (more)
Steve..o said: I got the same call -- Static spanish message on line when I answered my... (more)
NJ guy said: I have received calls from this number for the past few weeks. Once or... (more)
David said: Called to cell... did not leave a message (more)
Clue said: Called and left no message (more)
Bob said: Same as another report, got call and was Spanish speaking woman's voice. (more) and filed it under 208-991-1193
C said: Sames as others I just found answered. lots of static and some message in... (more) and filed it under 208-991-1193
weird said: Same static sound with spanish speaking female. The Area code is Idaho... (more) and filed it under No Name
Basher said: called on cell i rejected call since i did not know the number (more) and filed it under 1-208-991-*1193
leslie said: same as reported by other callers; female voice spanish not clear ?? (more)
AnotherNJCall said: This is the second time this # call my cel. I ignore since I did not... (more)
Anonymous said: http://www.manta.com/company/mtt7d0s (208) 947-3438 (more) and filed it under Quality Aire-Systems (Premier Health LlC), Telemarketer, Unknown Caller
anonymous said: Some lady said 3 minutes for a survey, I said I don't do surveys and she... (more) and filed it under Premier Health
Robin said: some company calling themselves Premier Health.  They ask you to do... (more) and filed it under Premier Health, Telephone Surveyor
Robin said: repeated calls (more)
FTC said: Bill Housel b_housel (at) yahoo.com Email him directly to be removed from... (more) and filed it under Internet Services, Telemarketer
e said: (more) and filed it under Unknown Caller
Kathy said: I have been called twice in one week with no message.  Have tried... (more)
Tom said: This number has been on my caller ID several times, and no message has... (more) and filed it under Not Avalable
solosbud said: I recieved several texts from this person...no idea who it is though (more) and filed it under 1-208-89-5164
heather said: I just recieved a text message saying "k" from this number. (more)
Mr. Vindictive said: Man, I despise a company who wastes my time with a hang-up. This outfit... (more) and filed it under All American PU, All American Sports Poster, Commercial
Dave said: All American Publishing makes the Sports Posters for High Schools nation... (more)
HAHA said: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0BOR/is_12_16/ai_81103771/ These... (more) and filed it under Douchebags assholes, See above, Other
Sturner and Klein employee said: the do not call list does not apply to businesses contacting their... (more)
GotCalled said: Called my cell phone warning me of lapsed warranty on my vehicle. I do... (more) and filed it under Spoofed Number, Telemarketer, Unknown
felicia anderson said: (more) and filed it under american payment solutions - credit card processing, Telemarketer, Unknown Caller
Macy said: no one responded. (more)
Diana said: This # called my home phone - didn't leave a message.  I called back... (more)
Ryan said: This number called my cell on 12/19 and 12/20. Didn't leave a message... (more)
Ryan said: Did not leave a voice message. (more)
Alma said: repeated calls (more)
Jane said: I just got one this morning too. I didnt bother to answer it. (more)
nicko said: Yep.. Must be a scam. They called my police use only cell phone. No one... (more)
Sarge said: The calls continue --- Just got a call from the same number and just... (more)
Sarah said: Same here, I missed the call. Got curious and found this site.Cool! Now I... (more)
Simon said: hey me too!!! what is this number ??? (more)
jb hall said: same started talking spanish i think. Couldnt understand it so i hung up. (more)
hatman said: I guess there was more than 1 winner. Just received the same phone call-... (more)
Jules said: just got one.. no message or anything (more)
Sarah said: Missed a call (more)
am said: I too just missed a call from that same # - 208-91-1194 (more)
Teri said: I missed this call like 35 mins ago.. (more)
mp0sibl3 said: I got a call from them with a recording...I won a trip (more) and filed it under Telemarketer
Mel said: missed call. (more)
Shauna said: called my cell at 1:00 PM Central.  I did not pickup.  No... (more) and filed it under no
jab said: I just received a call on my cell phone and it was a foreign woman on a... (more)
Leslie said: Recorded message:  You've just won a trip to Cancun, Mexico.  ... (more)
Siho said: I received call half hour ago.  No message left. (more)
Mickey said: Cell Call sounded recorded w/ alot of background noise, as if it were at... (more)
M-Houston said: I just got a call from this number at 3:13pm. No message left. Very... (more) and filed it under Boise ID
C- New York said: called 2:35 central    didn't leave a message. (more)
burt said: Got a call from this number 2x today. Don't know who it is. (more)
Mahatma said: called and did not leave a message (more)
esso said: fake phone call trying to get bank details (more) and filed it under Unknown
Kellie said: Unwanted calls from (208)911-1194. (more)
Kellie said: I get annoying calls from many idiots with awkwards area codes today 12/... (more)
mike said: no message.  12/19/08 at 12:12:39 (more)
rob said: just want to know who it was calling. (more)
Trey said: No message left (more)
John said: I also got a call from this number today! I called it back and it asked... (more)
KT said: Exactly! (more)
LittleAlex said: Call came in on me cell phone, I did not answer and they left no message... (more) and filed it under unk
Eric said: I refused the call - probably a telemarketer trying to waste my cellphone... (more) and filed it under Unavailable
Jamie said: Got my second call from this number just now. I picked up and didn't... (more) and filed it under Unknown
Joe said: I got a call from this number and i did not answer it but I do not want... (more)
Jamie said: I got a call from this number and i did not answer it but I do not want... (more) and filed it under World Mark
skippy said: I keep getting a call from this number. I tried a reverse lookup and... (more) and filed it under (208) 465-6152
Rbn190 said: This number called twice and didn't leave a message.  They got... (more)
kd said: nobody on line (more)
melvin maxwell said: I didn't recongnize the number so I let it go to voicemail. The call didn... (more)
Pamela said: left no msg. (more)
Pamela said: caller said he was from lost and found and wanted to deliver a package (more) and filed it under intl.number
J.Hall said: English Bulldogs (more)
TBARR said: Same as above. Thanks all for the great info on this site! Truly, a great... (more) and filed it under NW Research
Bliss said: Caller did not leave a message (more)
D said: Got a call from them too.  I didn't answer since it's outside my... (more) and filed it under 208-343-0995
D said: I am continually harassed by these people (more)
king said: i got two calls back to back from this number and a text in between that... (more)
M said: its a helio member care phone number. (more) and filed it under Commercial, helio
Mike_Chcago said: This number is a spoof.  It is from a telemarketer and they tricked... (more)
Mike_Chcago said: These people call and leave no message. Today is sunday 10/12/08 amd so... (more) and filed it under Call unknown
operator1 said: Phone number is being bounced to cell towers here in Idaho.  call... (more) and filed it under regional Shopping Center, Telemarketer
Um3r said: 208-244-3040 calls frequently, never leaves a message. (more)
Sharon said: Call on home phone. Caller ID reads 'Aspen Air' and this phone number. No... (more) and filed it under Aspen Air 208-262-2691
Lesley said: Pushing *69 brings up 2084243399.  Looking that up in reverse look-... (more)
Knobby Wheezer said: Um, sorry, make that 2084243394! (more)
Lesley said: unknown number calling (more)
nino said: This number called and left a message for my mothers name, I used to have... (more) and filed it under 208-955-8737, Collection Agency
pete said: I've gotten several calls from this number. They have left a recorded... (more)
Nik said: Got a call, but didn't answer.  Upon call back, the number is... (more)
RDH said: the area cde is 208 not 205 (more)
mmr900 said: YEs Im getting them too! I answer and nothing. I call back and the number... (more)
Laura said: It was Dominoe's Pizza (more)
Miami said: I just got that call less than two minutes ago.. didn't answer and they... (more)
proxcause said: yea i got called today by dat number during lunch and i called back and... (more)
Perrfection said: Just got a call.  They left no message and when I called back the... (more)
chandu said: Me too.  I picked up nobody said a thing.  I didn't call back... (more)
miamilover said: I got the same call 10 minutes ago @ 8:34 (more)
I SJ said: Got a call from this number same as everyone else, no answer on the other... (more) and filed it under 2086564565
kat said: MARKING CALLS KEEP BOTHER ME. (more) and filed it under 1-208-656-4565
Daisy said: They keep bothering (more)
Angela said: Got call and they hangup.  What is the deal with this number! (more)
Disconnected on callback said: I recieved a phone call from 205 656 4565, answered it and no one was... (more)
Ian said: I just got a call from this number and no reply from them (more)
cc said: I got a call from this number as well (more)
KrisV said: Sarah Palin / McCain robocall : calling Obama a comunist. Desperate... (more)
Michael said: "we're sorry...you have reached a number that has been disconnected... (more) and filed it under 208-656-4565
Daisy said: Does anybody else getting calls from this number? (more)
AJ said: Thanks -I have been getting calls from them for a while on my cell phone... (more)
annoyed said: Contact America is a full service telemarketing call center specializing... (more)
milly said: I had the same thing happen today, I answered and they hung up. Who is... (more)
Mamakin16 said: Thanks for the information.  I'd been called by this number for... (more)
jay2007 said: They call 2 times a day let it ring twice and it hangs up. If I manage to... (more)
hawes39 said: To hawes39 and everybody;If you are lucky enough to have call screening... (more)
kp said: Hey Bro , I got these "Real Attorneys"  That are suing the... (more)
Ronald said: This guy called my cell phone, said his name was Jerry and was asking for... (more)
Ronald said: This number is calling my house. (more)
Lucas said: No message just hangup. (more)
Lucas said: Sounded like a recorded message in Spanish (more)
Tonto said: recording in spanish (more)
Sharon said: Wasn't a phone call, just showed up on Visa Statement (more)
Nancy said: Got a call from this number. The caller did not leave any message. (more)
Anonymous said: Spam (more) and filed it under Randall Wagner
GoYeGuy said: Caller claims to be from a collection agency, but I know my credit is... (more)
gigi said: The caller from this number refuses to give his name or the name of his... (more) and filed it under Collection Agency, None Appears.
Mike said: Got a call. No message left. (more)
kiki said: The bottom of the barrel collection agency.  FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!!!... (more)
Rod said: No message (more)
bus driver said: automated message about final warranty notice on your vehicle..I've been... (more) and filed it under 208-847-2491, Telemarketer
asphalt 1 said: This call came in on my cell from way outside my area code. It rang 3... (more)
asphalt 1 said: this is the second call warranty expiring on your vehicle I don't know... (more) and filed it under 208-847-2491, Telemarketer
Chad said: Multiple calls from this number. (more)
anonymous said: i got today call from this number...also missed it... think it is... (more)
Muwa said: annoying phone calls...never leaves a message. (more) and filed it under 99.98/AA
Thomas said: Caller asked for wife's ex by name.  Said she was so sorry and would... (more) and filed it under 98/AA, 99
Maria said: Woman just called with super, super thick E. Indian accent, barely... (more) and filed it under Telemarketer, UNICEF -"unknown"
kdsc said: whos is it? (more)
ac said: female said my number was on her cller id (more)
pissed of ebayer said: Called on my cell phone but didn't leave a message. I just saw that that... (more) and filed it under 208-323-1150
b said: called and wanted lots of details to set up my own business (more) and filed it under Telemarketer
Michelle said: They call twice daily and I called the number and they answered corporate... (more) and filed it under out of area
Freda said: Calls ALL hours of the day and said I bought something from Ebay.  ... (more) and filed it under Corporate Offices
Anonymous said: This phone number calls every single day, and never leaves a message.... (more) and filed it under 99.98/AA
Jess said: Received an odd call mid-day from an unfamiliar phone #208-262-2688.... (more) and filed it under 99.98/AA
madeline said: We got the same "Janice" on our answering machine the other day... (more)
Vic said: Have you recieved any more calls from this number?  He`s called me... (more)
Bill said: Person called twice selling something and twice I told him not to call... (more)
Vic said: Got a call. No message left. (more)
Joe said: The name displayed as "Rexburg,ID"  I don't know who it is... (more) and filed it under "Rexburg, ID"
nika said: i have been bothered by this phone number. they call me everyday and they... (more)
Scammed said: I just got a call like that Heres the info I got out of then. Maybe it... (more)
Chad said: The call came in from 269-924-3426. This goes with the above post. (more)
debbie said: I got a call on my cell as well, supposedly from "Regional Shopping... (more) and filed it under "Regional Shopping Services"
Carol said: this number keeps calling me and hanging up. no messages left just really... (more)
M.W. said: Receive monthly calls from this number reminding me about an appointment... (more) and filed it under Event / Reminder / Notification, Virgin
Kat said: I recieved a call from this number on my cell phone this morning around 8... (more)
Kat said: I received this call today from this number, and on my caller id it... (more) and filed it under XMT3
asdga said: 1-208-344-8498 (more)
den said: not sure who is calling would like to find out. (more)
MFox said: No clue who this is, but they love to call starting around 1 am. (more)
MFox said: And yet an other area code 208 that likes to call all the time. (more)
patty said: Person called my cell phone asking for a specific person, I asked who was... (more) and filed it under Collection Agency, Unknown
Lucas said: Received a call asking for Gladys, I hunged up the phone immediatelly (more) and filed it under 208 262 2257
Lucas said: hung up on my answering machine. (more)
Jon Davis said: The person called me 3 different times between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and... (more) and filed it under (208)272-9266
Di said: got the call also i made him mad i told him i couldn't understand what he... (more)
lindy said: wants me to sign up for some kind of education (more)
DERF said: NO ONE THERE SOMETIMES CLICKING SOUNDS (more) and filed it under ?
jack said: survey (more) and filed it under Telephone Surveyor
gosht said: Inknown unwanted (more)
Nina said: repeated calls on caller I.D. (more)
Randy said: Got a call with no message left. (more)
Aude said: Had a phonecall from this nr also, live in Belgium 09/11/2008 17:20 (more)
a said: f*** (more) and filed it under a
Deja said: Received a call. (more)
Mrs. Anderson said: thi person is rude and nasty when he calls and when tell he just call he... (more) and filed it under unknow
rose said: wrong number? (more)
crap call said: 2080262-2689 is a crap call if you get the 99.98/AA sender , if you have... (more) and filed it under 99.98/AA
btj said: This is a Post Falls vacuum cleaner seller. I get 3-4 calls every day... (more) and filed it under 99.98/AA 208-262-2690, Telemarketer
jami said: We got bigger problems in this world .Than getting laid,,if you want to... (more)
leonard said: i got that same damn message it needs to stop (more)
Maggie said: Checking to see if this is a valid number, I received it from a gentleman... (more)
graydon said: What is this message, it's mumble jumble (more) and filed it under 208 597-8790
DJ said: text unwanted text message (more) and filed it under 55555
amyann said: Calls about once a week during the day. I'm not home during the day.... (more) and filed it under private number
leslie said: said blocked call (more) and filed it under blocked call
Katek said: Called twice on the same day about 2 hours apart on a Friday morning.... (more)
Gabriel said: UNKNOWN caller (more)
state police man said: person calls amd leaves a message demanding some person that doesn't live... (more) and filed it under NONE
Olive said: The caller did not leave a message. (more)
Olive said: I got a call from this number the area code is idaho I don't kno anyone... (more) and filed it under 2038571597
VeNoM7688 said: It's to renew my car warranty. It's the 4th time they have called.I asked... (more)
lee said: DONT KNOW WHO CALLED (more) and filed it under Non-Commercial
mark said: i want to know who's this number belong to and who called mw (more)
mm said: me too, the real question is why. They obviously do not want anything, so... (more)
JENN said: I am also receiving calls.. they must be on a dialing kick. In Texas this... (more)
Courtney said: 11 00 a.m. got the same call (more)
samehere said: I just got called for the fourth time... How do u stop it? (more)
barrow said: Regards to warranty of my vehicle. Called Chevy and they said it is a... (more)
dovalle said: I got the same call on nov 4th at 5:00 pm (more)
john said: i don't know who called (more)
john said: Recieved numerous calls from this service not necessarily the same number... (more)
Moto said: I got a call too about 30 minutes ago - ANNOYING! (more)
TB said: I got a call from the same number.... (more)
me said: don't know who called either (more)
german said: Me neither.  My guess is that it has something to do with the... (more)
Brooke said: Didn't leave a message. (more)
gary said: Ace Industrial Supply calls 2-3 times per day trying to sell things.... (more) and filed it under Ace Industrial Supply, Commercial
Tim said: this is from the democrats party shelley landry it is listed (more) and filed it under shelley landry 208-707-8584
Barney said: This is the Idaho Democratic Party. (more) and filed it under Idaho Democratic Party, Political Organization
Calvin said: We received a phone call from this number with no message.  ... (more)
Calvin said: This number called several times. (more)
vane said: i just want to know their address...they do not called me but i want to... (more)
Crystal said: called and left no message. very annoying (more) and filed it under 208.977.7741
Crystal said: called but left no message (more)
louis said: Didn't answer because it was on my cell phone. (more) and filed it under Unknown
J Shaw said: that is the number for melaleuca business development, i know cuz i work... (more) and filed it under Inc, Melalecau, Non-Commercial
Scotty Mac said: Called my cell phone the day before Election Day. (more)
joe said: didnt answer (more)
steve said: These jerks keep calling and calling all day long, when I answer they... (more) and filed it under 208 272 9268
Janine said: Got two calls back to back from this number.  Was in a bad cell zone... (more) and filed it under (208) 272-9268
Bruce said: I keep getting calls from this number and when i answer it hangs up. when... (more)
Bruce said: I've missed a few calls from 208-272-9268, I didn't call back because no... (more)
info said: frickin creeper who wont stop texting me and its trippin me out! (more)
Phenom said: No one will answer the call but it keeps calling my cell. (more) and filed it under N/A
Jeff said: Got one (more)
LH said: asked if my husband is home? I chuckled at the question and said no, they... (more) and filed it under Unknown
LH said: asked if my husband was home (he knew his name).  Before I would... (more)
Nancy said: repeated calls on caller I.D. (more)
Nancy said: Here is the address I found on the Internet that seems to be associated... (more)
EDDIE said: They call implying, that I had contacted him, and sounding very bossy and... (more) and filed it under unknow
Walter said: Got a call with no message left. (more)
liz said: wanted to know where this payphone is (more)
johnny said: trying to figure out who it is (more)
canada said: I have received two calls from (208) 650-4253 and in both instances, the... (more)
Deep Shiner said: It's a lawn company (more)
JW said: Calls and hang up (more) and filed it under JMS
obed said: call from an unfamiliar ph# so I let the machine pick up...hang up...no... (more) and filed it under No Name
DAN said: guy claims to be a job recruiter (more)
Mark said: Keep calling my number and not leaving a message. (more)
Helen said: calls from this number (more)
Tyler said: Called and hung up with no message. (more)
Sandra said: phone calls with no one on line when picked up. (more)
Kay said: called but left no message (more)
Chris said: I'm gonna go find this moron calling from 208 376 7095. I traced it to an... (more) and filed it under Telemarketer
georgina said: This guy keeps calling me trying to sell some stuff....will not stop... (more) and filed it under Ace Industrail Supply, Telemarketer
Me said: Thanks for your reply.. however i am still confused why they are... (more)
Help Please said: keeps receiving rude calls and texts from this number.  its a local... (more)
Help Please said: I called this number and a voicemail picked up...it someone named... (more)
bamusic said: These idiots always call. I'm going to report them. (more)
Beechwood said: Asked for my husband, I said he wasn't here, do you want to leave a... (more) and filed it under Non-Commercial
Bria said: I didn't pick up (more)
Liz said: Yeah I am not sure how they got my cell phone # either since I have never... (more)
blondie said: Got a call from a woman who said her name is Falicia and that she is with... (more) and filed it under Telemarketer
phil said: no one answered when I said hello (more) and filed it under Boise
Sarah said: The call came in at 9:30 on a monday night...since my cell phone doesn't... (more)
Kali said: it was a call to my cell phone. (more)
R said: He called me a few times and I texted him and told him to tell me who it... (more) and filed it under verizon
tj said: On caller ID as private number (more) and filed it under Private
kevin said: 208-334-5410 is an outgoing number on the Health and Welfare phone system... (more) and filed it under Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
Jesse said: no voice message (more)
Tom said: phone call (more)
Kelsy said: Got a missed call (more)
Philip said: Called, unknown number (more)
Nick said: Unknown caller (more)
wateryboy said: Salut maman je suis pris dans porte d'autobus (more)
Scott K said: I was getting 6 to 7 calls a day from this number and they never left a... (more) and filed it under Telemarketer, World Mark by Windham Resorts?
DW said: We have asked this caller (sales) not to call at least 10 times. This... (more) and filed it under Commercial, Peaches Indust
Rory said: Called at 1834hrs and left a message to call back that it is very... (more)
TiredofIdiotsCalling. said: A follow-up call. (more) and filed it under Commercial, Sears credit services
Kerry said: My GF got a call this morning from (208) 955-7215, someone by the name of... (more)
Michelle said: Same, wakes me up in the middle of night and beeps in my ear after waking... (more)
A@I said: 4 today one after another, same in the morning hours, so today business... (more) and filed it under do not know the company, Fax Machine
Marc said: I got 6 calls in a row from a fax. How annoying. After the first call the... (more) and filed it under Fax Machine, Unknown
Family Man said: same s**t here been goin on for 3 years now. (more)
Glenn said: Same Jerk, Threatened me and my family, I will call the Idaho State... (more)
Q. said: This guy is a tool salesman who is over-energetic when he calls.  ... (more)
CM said: Calls repeatedly - leaves no message (more) and filed it under Burley ID
sam said: Who is this? (more)
Kerrie said: After the numerous call from them, when I finally answered the phone.... (more) and filed it under NW Research, Telemarketer
Dahunny said: hi (more)
Erie Construction said: company is a debt collector, says call back urgent, time is runnng out (more) and filed it under SCI
Linda said: Fraud charges (more)
englishsunset said: Just a call evey now and then. No messages, just a call. (more)
asdf said: sdf (more)
scammed said: this person has a french accent and claims to be mike williams... (more) and filed it under Commercial
Broam said: Whoever owns this number calls at 4 am....and needs to stop (more) and filed it under dont know
Lydia said: called cell phone (more)
kj said: I received a call from INTL Gateway today but they have another number as... (more)
serenity said: 208-944-3084  based out of Jerome, Idaho 208-629-7905  based... (more)
brophy said: called and used repeated profanity because i was'nt interested in the... (more) and filed it under ace industries, or somthing like that, Telemarketer
Nancy in Idaho said: Caller ID says INTL NUMBER but we live in area code 208. I don't answer... (more) and filed it under INTL NUMBER
JoAnne Reid said: ditto - 9/23/08 (more)
Shari said: called - wanted to talk.... long silences; sounded really depressed; didn... (more) and filed it under 208.238.1312
Juitt said: Yes (more)
Deaf Sharon Ann M. said: no name or no msg left just city/state: Boise, ID ???? (more) and filed it under Boise, ID
Lauren said: Got some info about this #: Farmers Insurance Schmidt Insurance Agency... (more) and filed it under Schmidt Insurance Agency Inc
jigglypuff said: well I guess you are not the only one, have you try calling back??? (more)
chrissy said: this ha been going on for days with me. no one there (more)
CAROLYN said: Receive two calls a day never any body there I hope you can stop this (more)