Caller ID: 1630413529
Company / Organization: Credit Card Services
Reported Location: 60540

pwrnapper said: ROBO caller - Credit Services offering me the last chance to save money on my credit card interest. SCAM


Caller ID: (429) 675-8756
Company / Organization: Credit Card Services
Reported Location: Hawkinsville, GA

David said: Got this call a few minutes ago. It was a recording, if I stayed on the line my credit card interest would be lowered to 6%. I stayed on the line, even though I have no credit card debt. Some woman picked up and mumbled something. I said "Do you know what the do-not-call registry is you @#%$*! She replied "You're not on the do-not-call registry since it costs $59 to join you piece of @#$*. I laughed at that while she was talking over me and calling me every name in the book.


Company / Organization: Credit Card Services
Reported Location: Vernon, NJ

NoScamNancy said: If I can get the name and phone number of these pesty telemarketers, I can sue them in Small Claims Court for $500 per violation. The Caller ID usually blank OR
-as in this case - phony OR the name of a local person whose phone has been captured somehow. Not having much luck getting valid numbers. Next time I'll say the
taxi is here to take me to hospital to visit sick husband, how can I reach them? If nothing else, I'll let them know I plan to SUE and maybe I'll get on the Internal Do Not Call list.


Caller ID: Ontario
Company / Organization: Credit Card Services
Reported Location: Michigan

jc said: • I received a call today from 1-416-000-000 at 11:24am from an Ontario Company regarding credit card last chance opportunity. When I stated to the gentleman (that is not what I'd call him) that my U.S. legal rights, according to the US Fed. Government, "I am asking that my phone number be removed from their directory". He replied with such vulgar language it was offending.

He used the MF word many times...and stated that he wanted to F my wife... my daughter, etc. I told the man that the call was being recorded and he didn't care! He kept on with the offensive attack of threats and language. I did tell him that this would be reported to his supervisor and he didn't care. I am doing whatever it takes to track them down and to report this phone call and threats.
Caller: Credit card lower interest from Ontario
Call Type: Telemarketer


Company / Organization: Credit Card Services
Reported Location: unknown

Sam said: won't stop calling, and i'm now having trouble with my meijers credit card billing which goes through credit card services, missing payments that were maid by check, and checks that were actually cashed but the payment was not applied to my meijers account. and then credit card services calling me and wanting verable autherization for payment which i said no way find my missing checks and straighten out your own mess. i even get phone calls from credit card services where they block caller name.


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Company / Organization: Credit Card Services
Reported Location: 52530

oldbob said: get hundreds of calls from this same group that says they are credit card services. Every time its a different number and you call back and its says its disconnected.


Caller ID: Name not found
Company / Organization: Credit Card Services
Reported Location: Albany, WI

Sue said: Even though I filed a complaint with the FCC on unwanted calls from this company, I still get them. This one wanted me to press "9" for get more info...I did not.


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Company / Organization: Credit Card Services
Reported Location: Tennessee

tbird said: I got a call at 10:07 am and I pressed 9 and told the guy that answered not to call me again I am on the National Do Not Call list. This business is a scam. When I told him that I was reporting him to the FCC he started to call me a filthy f....king cu..t and b..tch. He didn't stop there he told me that he was going to ram his d..ck up my as..whole and fu..k me . He said in a very thick accent are you listening to this. He was worse then an X-rated movie. I told him that I was recording him he then went into a tyrant of really filthy cussing words and asked if I was listening to him. When I did not respond he finally hung up.. These are foreigners out to scam people of their credit card numbers just hang up unless you like listening to that kind of filth. I will be reporting this number but it won;t do any good because they are actually calling from a number where calls cannot be recieved . When I called back iI got the standard phone message that said that I had reached a number that was no longer a working number and if I felt that I had reached the number in error to please try again or check the number.


Caller ID: Telemarketer
Company / Organization: Credit Card Services
Reported Location: Willoughby, OH

grandma cookie said: Credit Card services is a company that harasses people to sign up for debt consolidation. They give out bogus phone numbers so they cannot be traced. We have had calls from them for over 5 years using different phone numbers and have reported them to no-call list as well as Ohio attorney general. I hope some day, someone will put them out of business. They give reputable companies a really bad name since If you choose to talk to a person and ask them not to call, they immediately hang up on you.


Company / Organization: Credit Card Services
Caller type: Other
Reported Location: 38138

anonymous said: Keeps calling every few weeks. I've tried to push 9 and tell them to stop calling. Thursday, this # came through, and I pushed #9 and the person who answered with a foreign accent answerd. Knowing my time would very short, I said, no I'm not interested, but was going to report them to FTC (1st thing that came into my head.) She called me cussed at me (you B..T), and hung up on me.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Company / Organization: Credit Card Services
Caller type: Telemarketer
Reported Location: Chicago, IL 60610

MAW said: Offered to lower my credit card rates -- Visa OR Mastercard -- because of "your good payment record for the last six months." Said he worked "at the headquarters." Hung up when I said I carry no balances.


Caller ID: Name Unavailable
Company / Organization: Credit Card Services
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Georgia

JJ said: The call was a recording that said to they were credit card services calling about my credit card, nothing was wrong but to press 9 to talk to a live representative about getting lower rates. I pressed 9 and told the man that I wanted to be taken off their call list and he responded that he wanted to have s3x with a 12 year old boy but we didn't always get what we wanted. Completely repulsive and I hopefully someone is trying to put a stop to these scammers.