Caller ID: "Card Services"
Company / Organization: vodafone
Reported Location: TATA STTEL tube Division 831004 JAMSHEDPUR Jharkhand

AVIJIT said: Ditels nambur


Caller ID: "Card Services"
Reported Location: FL

patty said: This is a credit card scam company. I waitied and asked for the company name and was hung up on., I am so sick of these calls.


Caller ID: "Card Services"
Company / Organization: grygbsn
Reported Location: stockton, ca 95210

hoot said: sometimes I get multiple calls a day saying there is no problem with my account blah blah blah. wastes my time and minutes on my phone


Caller ID: "Card Services"

Apearl said: Asked for our credit card numbers, social security card numbers, personal name and address information. Called our cell phone number, didn't know who they were calling. Said they were trying to help us 'get out of trouble' where we owed money, but wouldn't say what company, what credit card, etc.  Identity theft scam.