Caller ID: debt collector
Reported Location: alberta, canada

Gord said: Displaying as a debt collector I answer and then right away am hung up on,,, is a few calls now from this number and always the same thing


Caller ID: debt collector
Company / Organization: Debt collector
Reported Location: 37209

Nash Grissom said: They said there was a hit out on me and my family...if i do not give them my social everyone that i love will die !!


Caller ID: debt collector
Company / Organization: quicken loans
Reported Location: louisiana

disco_y2k said: I nipped this in the bud, called Quicken Loans corp headquarters. Asked to be connected to the risk management dept. I told the rep they are calling a reverse toll line about 20x a day that is designated for our customers only and it is wasting my employee's time which is starting to cost our business a great deal in lost labor costs and the bill for the unwanted calls is starting to add up, Please stop the calls. They did. The difference between a boiler room caller and a corp. Risk Management personnel is that the Risk Management employee's job is to mitigate risk and losses. They know a report of unwanted spam calls to a reverse toll line to the FCC will eventually end up with a large fine. Especially after the victim of the calls has reported the offense to the parent company's Risk Management Department.. I WILL NOT post the number to the corp. headquarters because every time I post the exact contact information needed to stop these calls people call me a spammer and worse slurs. GOOGLE IT ! Hope that helps, worked for me.

Add this solution to the disco list, so far solved...
- (202) area code spam calls from "Political Media"
- (385) area code spam calls from "Federal Finacial"
- (888) 506-6728 calls from "Quicken Loans"

I am thinking about just starting a website that does not allow people to post anything but suspect phone numbers. After I trace the calls to the parent company I will simply lists who these people are, where they are located, and how to contact the originator to make the calls stop. If i took the time to do so would people appreciate it or would it be a waste of time and people just keep treating me like crap like on these forums? I am willing to take the time to do it, if it will help.



Caller ID: some law firm
Caller type: Collection Agency

KB said: I just got a new home phone a few weeks ago (gave up on stupid cable phone) Apparently the person who had this number before never paid a bill in their lives, judging by the amount of debt collectors and attorney's offices that call me on this number. This number is particularily annoying because it is a recording, that doesn't ask for a person, but a number (perhaps a case number??) I have used the opt-out feature several times without success, and they call 2-3 times a day. The Caller ID reads 'Law office of s" but without the full name i can't really find the actual owner and ask them to stop calling /force them to stop calling through litigation. My brother works for the sheriff's office and i am ging to try pursuing something through them, but without knowing who it is, it may be hard to file a complaint. ANy suggestions? SHouldn't there be a law tat says phone companies should wait for some period before reassigning a number (or at least some measure to notify people that it is a new person?) If COngress wants my vote, then do something about anoying debt collectors that go seemingly unregulated in their harassment of innocent parties.