Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

cj said: strange number came up as INTL. NUMBER didnt answer it and they left no message.Im also in the 248 area code area. So this is a Michigan caller.


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

ROGER said: At 12:13 PM on 12/15/08, they called this afternoon and left a message on my answer machine. I have no idea what they said because I usually don't bother listening to them after the day's over.


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber
Caller type: Commercial

Rexam BCNA said: I received a call fro 13128730004 and when I answered they said that it was my credit card trying to call me several times.  They said press 1 and I did, but when I got a person, he told me no one ever called me that the number was a customer service number, so I hung up.


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

ut ohh said: when i called it back it saya it isnt accepting phone calls. my caller id says it is a international number


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

here's the scoop said: Has called 3 times, 5 min. apart.  Caller ID says INTL. NUMBER.  They are calling my phone which only rings once each time. If it a calling service - good luck with that business model- they really should identify themselves with a company name that can be researched and verified on the web as legit.
If I can't identify the caller - I won't answer.  Ever.


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

hummer6989 said: message left on answering machine:  "...even if the loan value on your house has dropped, press 1 now."


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

bill said: I got the first call about a month ago, answered, got no response. So now when this number shows up on my id, I merely click on and then click off. No words, no conversation, no chance for dialogue. If it is so important, they can contact me via postal mail. . .  If they know who I am and where I live!!


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

leigh said: Man with an Indian accent asked for my husband and hung up when I said he wasn't home.


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

PT said: alrigh so i just got this call 1 minute ago and it listed a whole bunch of numbers and was like u just recieved a message press one to hear it. i was like wtf pressed one and it sad if u love me if you love me if you love me when you hang up you will scream it.

any info please?


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

dave said: received a call from this number at 9:35 am.  caller ID gave this number along with INTL.NUMBER   I answered and no one was there...
looked on line, found this blog...


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

RH said: same as the other comments as far as what caller ID displays: Intl. number and a local number (435-868-3020 in my case).
First call was a woman (didn't recognize the accent) asking for a person who works here by name. He said that it was a free subscription to a professional magazine.
Another call a couple of hours later was a recordering for credit something with instructions to press "2" to be removed from their list.

Called my phone company to find out what was up, but they were no help.


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

meme said: called and hung up 4 times, no answer when I call the number


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

BJ said: I receive daily calls, sometimes twice per day.  No message left, but caller ID says "Intl. Number".


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

LilBit said: No one says anything when I answer.  No message is left if I don't answer.  When I tried to return the call, I get a recording that says, "We're sorry.  Your call did not go through."


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

Denise said: Endless calls from this number today -- sometimes more than once an hour. No, I do not answer them.

Potentially of interest: calls are interspersed with a high level of other unknown calls; quite a few identified with text 'Oswego, NY' with area code 315; a few others.

A regular on-slaught of nuisance rings for a couple of days now!


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

sr said: We have had 6 phone calls from this number in the last 30 days.  No message is left, but the caller ID says, "INTL. Number".  We have never answered.  Interesting that other people are getting calls from this number.  Who are they?  Are they really international?


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

mt said: same thing as mt.  called twice about 7.5 hours apart.  didn't answer first time, answered second time and they hung up.  wonder if it isn't telemarketer system looking for active numbers or fax so they can spam.


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

john said: this was somone i knew that is in venice but we dont know why it came up as this number.


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber
Caller type: Telemarketer

Kitsap Denizen said: I too get frequent calls from this nuber. It is a computer telling me "Do not be alarmed, your something is about to run out so renew now. I stop paying attention but maybe next time I will listed to the speal and then I will know who it is and will post the results!It says intl number but is located 3 miles away in Silverdale!!! Returned calls only get busy signals


Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

crh said: I live in Naples Florida, the ID said INTL. Number with this number...I answered when I saw the local area code, and I got a Spanish sounding woman asking for me. I said I wasn't available, and asked if I could leave a message. They paused, and said "No, thank you." and quickly hung up....skeeeettchhhhhyyyyyy...