anonymous said: Call several times a week from different 154 numbers but never leave a message.


anonymous said: Call several times a week from different 154 numbers but never leave a message.


Company / Organization: not known
Reported Location: not known

not known said: got suspicious call from this number with no response from caller


Reported Location: Merritt BC

jenni said: Third call at 5:30 am


Reported Location: 62002

Barb said: call made at 0530


Company / Organization: cox comminications
Reported Location: az

something said: hoax


Reported Location: 07740


Reported Location: 07740


the great santini said: This is a company (maybe India) trying to repair my computer which does not have any problems. They call once or twice a day using the fake 652 area code.


Lady Di said: Hung up when I answered!


Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Caller type: Unknown

Lucy said: The number calls and the phone rings 3 times only then hangs up before the machine comes on. Spam. Tried several look ups on line. no such number.


Reported Location: Fairfield, OH

Pat said: Person with Asian accent said the call is about my computer. I hung up at that point.


Reported Location: Erie, PA

anonymous said: Was received after internet activity looking up Anartica, google map search, NASA and directed energy weapons, Saudia Arabia king meeting in Russia with Putin


Reported Location: 08318

anonymous said: called to fix my Windows operating system....when I refused, he told me he'd be over and pick up $100.00 cash to take me off his calling list....I told him to c'mon over. I'd be the house with the state police in the driveway.


Reported Location: chagrin Falls,OH

anonymous said: just rings a couple times and hangs up


Company / Organization: Claims to be Windows Security
Reported Location: Southern California

bill said: Human, male, probably Philippines, scam about Windows. I told him he was a crook and a liar and he said "shut up" and then hung up on me.


Company / Organization: Federal Government
Reported Location: Bloomington,IN,47401

Ron said: Government grant money. I called him a scammer. He said, how can you say that--you don't know. I said, most of the phone numbers I don't recognize are scams, but go ahead with your routine. A long silence, then he hung up.


Company / Organization: UNKNOWN as I didn't answer
Reported Location: 8512$

Dale said: Caller ID only shows the number and no voicemail was attempted by caller.


Reported Location: NJ

Sparty said: I see other comments about this number which certainly leads me to believe it is bogus. Looked it up because I didn't recognize
the area code. Appreciate everyone's comments. Caller left no message. This is the first time that I have seen this number.
Probably a telemarketer or scammer.


Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: Moscow pa

Tuman said: Calling numerous times in 5 minutes with no message, suggest avoid.