Caller ID: (None)
Reported Location: Wisconsin

anonymous said: This number called every 5 minutes for 30 minutes after 9pm and when I tried to call back it said it was unable to make the call.


Caller ID: (None)
Reported Location: Christchurch NZ

Sanliam said: Voicemail: Private number,left at 10.55on 03/04/17 4(duration 22 secs). Select
+6483203004 to listen to the message
SMS 10.55am


Caller ID: (None)
Company / Organization: Government
Reported Location: 41230

granny said: Claimed I had been selected for a "government" grant. Wanted bank I do to deposit my money. Hung up when I told them I wasn't stupid!!


Caller ID: (None)
Reported Location: 28906


Caller ID: (None)
Reported Location: Surat

sanjay said: I have received call from no.+222.After that I have received WhatsApp msg from above mention number...After that I received msg on WhatsApp from no.of same series


Caller ID: (None)
Reported Location: Utah

PMN said: Called. No message. Blocked.


Caller ID: (None)
Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: 68110

irritated said: likely telemarketing scam---called but didn't leave message


Caller ID: (None)
Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: 32966

Con said: this number showed up in my checking account debit shows as chase mobil.$30.00.


Caller ID: (None)
Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: Huntsville, AL

anonymous said: Marketing scam


Caller ID: (None)
Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: sc

Skip said: second time this number has called-did not answer


Caller ID: (None)
Company / Organization: annonymous
Reported Location: Hawaii

anonymous said: Per Internet, no area code 756 exists and it appears to be a spoof.


Caller ID: (None)
Reported Location: 32127

anonymous said: Fictitious number calling me all morning. Only answered on original call but caller hung up on me without saying anything. Called phone company and was advised to contact local police to do a trace to find real number where call was initiated.


Caller ID: (None)
Company / Organization: (unknown)
Reported Location: 72653

Arkie said: This number constantly appears on my phone at different times. I never answer numbers I don't know. I have it blocked yet it still comes in. Scamming people I'm sure. Not me & I've added another number to the scam list.


Caller ID: (None)

anonymous said: Called, answered, no one there -it disconnected in 30 seconds


Caller ID: (None)

anonymous said: They did not leave a message.


Caller ID: (None)

Anon said: Received a call from this number. Guy said he was from Microsoft and that someone was trying to get into my computer. Asked me to log in. I hung up


Caller ID: (None)
Company / Organization: did not identify
Reported Location: Saudi

Fam said: Keeps on calling several times..


Caller ID: (None)
Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: Gilbert, Arizona

anonymous said: Just keeps calling...I can't answer it because I'm at work. When I do call back, it goes to the operator and says 'we're sorry you call cannot be completed as dialed.


Caller ID: (None)

anonymous said: Called but I didnt answer. invlid area code.


Caller ID: (None)
Reported Location: Indiana

anonymous said: Never leaves a message.