Caller ID: Unavailable
Company / Organization: Human Health Services
Reported Location: Farmington Hills MI

anonymous said: Received call from a woman with a thich accent advising me that I was going to be receiving a grant for $5000 and that there were 1700 people in the U.S. that qualified for this grant. She advised that I would have to use the grant for paying off bills, going back to school or anything else I wanted as long as it was not illegal. She had my name and address and birthdate. I asked her when I should expect my checkk and she said I should receive it the following week.


Caller ID: Unavailable
Reported Location: Franklin ky

anonymous said: Have received this call quite often lately and have not answered phone because I did not know the number, when I did answer they stared talking and I could not understand him because of his accent, sounded like someone from middle east, the last thing he said he said more plainly and it was we are going to block your computer, I said you are going to block my computer? he said oh you did not understand the other things i said but you understood that I was going to block your computer you are a big ass hole you know that, I hung up because it scared me by the way he said it. How do I report someone when you don't even know who they are or where they are. I am 70 yrs old and all of this computer age and everyone knowing everything that you are doing is very scarry to me. God be with us all


Caller ID: Unavailable

anonymous said: Automated call saying that the IRS is filing a lawsuit and to call 253-656-6680 immediatly.


Caller ID: Unavailable
Company / Organization: IRS
Reported Location: Brooklyn, NY

PEZ said: The automated call claims to be from the IRS, claims the Internal Revenue Service is filing a lawsuit against me and tells me to call 206-855-5827 immediately.


Caller ID: Unavailable
Reported Location: 16602

anonymous said: I received 3 calls this evening at 7:41 pm and 7:42 pm from 883-912-1765. I didn't recognize the area code so I looked it up in the phone book but could not find it. So I "Googled" it and found out it is a number assigned to a satellite phone. Did anyone else receive a call from this number? Does anyone know who this number belongs to? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Caller ID: Unavailable
Reported Location: IL

anonymous said: Continuosly get calls from this nbr. Caller never leaves a msg. It's obviously a scam or someone hiding there identity. Reported this nbr to the DO NOT CALL LIST O


Caller ID: Unavailable
Company / Organization: Its a scam

Dont fall for it said: They call claiming your computer is generating errors....


Caller ID: Unavailable
Reported Location: NJ

Sea_Dog said: Received call today at 7:50 AM....Caller purports to be from Microsoft to assist in correcting pop-ups, with an accent of some type. Never had any dealings. Never requested any technical support from anyone.

Yes, my number is on do not call


Caller ID: Unavailable

whahoo said: No message. 294 isn't a valid US area code.


Caller ID: Unavailable
Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: Kansas

Kansan said: Repeatedly calls. Allows to ring until answered, then silence on the line.


Caller ID: Unavailable
Reported Location: Tampa,Fl 33629

JLS said: Have gotten one call in the afternoon. Two very early calls back to back (5am), then one later the same day.


Caller ID: Unavailable
Reported Location: wi

ano said: scammer for sure. when i answered foreign caller asked to speak to (first name). i said who is this let me speak to a manager and they hung up


Caller ID: Unavailable
Reported Location: san diego

peeved said: already on no call list


Caller ID: Unavailable
Company / Organization: Unknown
Caller type: Collection Agency
Reported Location: 97420

cowgrl said: Keep getting calls all time of day and night from this and two other blocked call numbers. They answer, I hear breathing...then they disconnect Harrassment to the 9s


Caller ID: Unavailable
Company / Organization: unavailable
Reported Location: CA

Fiukds said: Keeps calling no answer when pick up


Caller ID: Unavailable
Company / Organization: Microsoft
Reported Location: Ravenna, Ohio

Becky said: said he was a rep from Microsoft and needed me to access my hard drive due to an encryption virus that will continue to spread. I then hung up. He continued to call back repeatedly 3 more times. Through an online search I found that the 247 area code is Ascension Island in the South Atlantic.


Caller ID: Unavailable
Reported Location: Sacramento, CA

CJV said: Phone rang several times through the night wen picked up no one on line


Caller ID: Unavailable

Doug said: Recorded message said she was calling about my credit card and I was eligible for lower rate. Didn't identify what card or company. Obviously a phishing attempt.


Caller ID: Unavailable
Company / Organization: Global Technical Services (sic)
Caller type: Other
Reported Location: California, 94618

dlw said: Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 3:01 PM PDT I received a phone call from the a person with a strong India-like accent. He said his company, Global Technical Services, was receiving "lots of messages from my computer about errors and so forth." He wanted to show me and asked me to press the "4 flag (Windows) key and the R key" At that point I told him I knew exactly what he was trying to do -- suck me into a scam to let him access my computer, do damage, and charge me for the "service." This is a well known criminal activity and has been going on for a very very long time!
PS: I use a Macintosh computer.