gloria said: These guys called me again and left a voicemail saying how they've called me several times with no response and then threatened legal action if I didn't call them back. This guy who called this morning called himself Jack Lawson. It sounds distorted because he speaks with a thick foreign accent like he's from India or Pakistan. These guys are always calling. Many times with different numbers and I have a whole listing of them plus audio recordings of their threats. They often threatened that you'll be arrested if you don't play them by a certain time.

In one call they said they were with United Legal Processing and after talking with one guy, another guy comes on the line saying how he works for the police department. When I asked for an address to verify their clams, they said that they lived in the White House in Washington and that if I came to visit them that security would "beat me down like a dog."

These guys try to talk over you and often swear if they don't get any information out of you. These guys are scammers so don't send them a dime or give them any information. File a complaint with the FTC, your state attorney general and law enforcement.


Cat said: i am still getting phone calls i dont even answer them or call them back anymore i have already filed a report with the local law enforcement office and the FBI and i usggest that anybody who gets a phone call from these people do the same the more reports they get maybe they will be able to capture these people.


Mike said: I was wondering if there is anybody here in this complaint forum that can provide me with an address to these scammers. I know it's difficult but, I'm trying to fill out a form to my attorney general and they need an address.

I keep on recieving calls from these scammers stating that I owe money to a payday loan company and if I don't pay i will be arrested within the hour. They have harassed me ever since August 2008. They call from different locations, different numbers, different names, etc. I'm tired of these phone calls. They keep on calling me at my job.

I've already filed a report with the FTC and a police report.

If anybody can help me with available information, I thank you.