Caller ID: united states
Company / Organization: Did not answer
Reported Location: New Orleans, LA, USA

Chemtiger said: I know that the area code 523 (among others) is not assigned to a certain area like a typical area code is; for example 504 is for New Orleans, LA. These calls with 523 area codes originate in most – if not all – states in the USA, and even some other countries. It is highly likely that when one receives a call with an area code of 523c, it is quite likely that it is a “spoofed” callee ID number, which is actually illegal in the United States according to The Truth In Caller ID Act of 2009, which made it unlawful to knowingly enter incorrect CID information (usually with VoIP-initiated calls) with the intent of committing any type of fraud which could lead to harm, property- or money-loss on the part of the person being called, who will cooperate with the shysters, believing the lies they’re told and they will sometimes unwittingly give the fraudsters unfettered access his or her bank accounts, and they’ll be quickly drained. It is still legal for a telephone customer to block his or her CID information prior to each call but these people are not replacing their CID information with a phony “company” name and number. Privacy is still allowed, thank goodness. Last thing: in my research, the FTC has not yet activated 523, as it was just in “reserve” for use in the future. But, I’m not completely sure about this last item, so don’t quote me on it. My advice is to ignore these calls, or send them to voicemail.


Caller ID: united states

enja747 said: Looks like a scam


Caller ID: united states
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Kentucky

Annoyed in Kentucky said: I didn’t answer when the call came in on my cell phone because I don’t answer strange phone numbers. On doing a Bing search, the number has been reported numerous times. The area code is invalid, and there’s a chance the area code is indicating New Zealand, as 64 is the beginning of that country’s international phone code.


Caller ID: united states
Reported Location: 33073

anonymous said: Called and did not leave a message. Weird number, when looked up it says it's from Azerbaijan even though on my phone it says United States. I figure this is a scam number.


Caller ID: united states
Reported Location: 01001

AnnoyedReciever said: Spoke NOT english. Sounded mad.


Caller ID: united states
Reported Location: KY

Leo said: Keep getting calls about grant money available free from the government


Caller ID: united states
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: North Grenville, ON

A. Nonymous said: Missed the call didn't leave a message and cannot call back


Caller ID: united states

anonymous said: Received call from this number. Did not ring long and no message left


Caller ID: united states
Reported Location: Charlotte, NC

Christian said: TOTAL SCAM. Beware. Call is coming from an Indian gentleman stating he is a service tech and wants to access windows on my computer. This is a classic scam. Scary thing is that he knew my full name associated with my cell phone number and that I had accessed a computer with windows.


Caller ID: united states
Reported Location: 71295

Fredd said: sales


Caller ID: united states
Reported Location: Louisiana

Samantha chiasson said: I have got a call from ya'll 5 times and no one said anything but when I called back it said the call can not be completed as dialed so quit calling my phone


Caller ID: united states
Company / Organization: None
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: MS

Jan said: Called several times today and still calling at 9:00pm


Caller ID: united states
Reported Location: Denver, CO

anonymous said: This phone number has called my cell phone 3x already, I don't know who it is, they never leave a voicemail either. So I'm blocking it to be safe.


Caller ID: united states
Reported Location: Mississippi

anonymous said: Caller claims to call on behalf of my insurance, any insurance company, needing to update my record, and if I do not supply my information, my benefits will stop. Starts by identifying an insurance I used to have. wants to know my primary doctor's name. and verify my birth date. Gave them an unknown doctor's name and advise them my birth date is still the same. Hung up phone.


Caller ID: united states

annoyed said: Telemarketers. Won't identify who they are with.

Quite fun to scream obscenities at though. So at least there is that


Caller ID: united states
Company / Organization: Federal Grant Dept
Reported Location: Texas

me said: Caller with a thick foreign accent (unknown) said he was calling from the United States. If you have to say that, then you're probably lying. Said my number was randomly selected to receive $9000 in funds from the US government that I don't have to pay back. Yeah, riiiiiiiight. I called BS. I just hung up and blocked the number.


Caller ID: united states

Who Dat said: Didn't answer, no message left BLOCKED!!


Caller ID: united states
Reported Location: Leeds, AL

Bamagirl said: Didn't answer call because I didn't know the number. No message left. Will block number.


Caller ID: united states
Reported Location: Morning View, KY

itsmejenn said: I filed this complaint with my states attorney general, let's see if it ACTUALLY goes anywhere? I have received 5 calls this morning and it's ONLY 9:30am from 985-885-4741. Yesterday I got 18 CALLS from 368-249-1247 they finally stopped calling @ 1015pm. They say they are with the government trying to provide me with grant money because I'm eligible. I have answered EVERY CALL, I have told them I'M NOT INTERESTED AND THAT I WILL BE FILING AN OFFICIAL COMPLAINT, and they simply hang up. Then maybe 10 minutes later I get ANOTHER call from a person with a different name with the same #. I told the last person that called me LATE last night that I will be calling my attorney in the morning because they have been harassing me all day! This morning I was woken up with a call at 615am. It started coming from 985-885-4741 and I have already gotten 3 other calls, it's the same thing, they're with the government and want to provide me with a grant. NO lie they have called me 2 more times since I've been typing this. If I block their number they call from another one! This isn't fair!


Caller ID: united states

Bob said: Callefd 12 times today. Broken English, claims a gov't agency, not specific. Calls me by my name Bob.