Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Washington DC

lisa said: yes, they have been calling me all weekend. I never answered and thought to just look it up since I got another call a moment ago. Thanks for your comments. It clears the mystery.


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: 13338398122
Reported Location: Las Vegas

anonymous said: They called me late at night woke me up calling me Tia they knew my name and kept telling me she was my sobrina ( niece) and for me to guess who she was I was getting annoyed because I have no nieces that speak spanish after 4th attempt of me trying to get her name call was disconnected calls might be on a timer don't know it was pretty scary that she knew my name someone needs to investigate this I was panicky all night after this call


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: yahoo
Reported Location: austin tx

lala said: i was trying to reach the yahoo help line and called late at night than the next day i resived a call from this number say that they had resived a call from my number if I still needed help to call back so I did, the guy had an accent and told us to go to the logmein123.com website and follow the instructions so he could help us so we did and he was able to control my computer from where he was at, I thought it was freaky so I told him I would call back and check and closed the website. I was just wondering it that was safe or it looks like something bad.?


Caller ID: Unknown

anonymous said: I got a call from this number and I have no idea who it is


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Houston, TX

PO'D said: They called my cell and then my place of employment! This caller insinuated they were with "Harris County" and claimed they had to deliver documents to me by 3PM for a suit filed against me. They said I had to call this number to get a stop order if I didn't want them to show up at my work. I stated this call was recorded and my place of employment is private property and these calls are not allowed by my employer and they had better cease now.

Don't believe their BS...my ex has served me and you typically won't know when the process server is coming to your home.


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: Law Firm
Reported Location: unknown

Kent said: Scammers trying to collect a debt on client that is in bankruptcy. By law all collection activity must stop by all creditors when debtor files bankruptcy. these guys are just trying to get money they are not entitled to collect. They threaten arrest and lawsuits. None of which they are allowed to do. They will not give address or location. Don't pay them anything it is pure fraud.


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Noida

Amit Allen said: I just got a miss call from this no. this belongs to country in Africa. and if you call back you may possibly pay a good amount for calls. through my knowledge of Telecom i know that there are areas and countries who charge incoming on very high rate. as high as 90 Rs per min.


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: Law Firm

Angie said: thanks it helped alot


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: air duct cleaning
Reported Location: toronto

Randy said: received a call from 905-698-0136 at 12:45PM told them to relove my number and was told to f...off


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: American Express
Reported Location: Miami, FL. 333160

Sam said: Received a call from this number. They said they were from American Express. I can say they were as they were calling back to a phone call I made to them


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: Collection Agency
Reported Location: Miami

RP said: Extremely violent and threatening language from young man who refused To repeat the name of the company that he was representing... Threatening me with some fantasy debt for some made up amount


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Southern CA

So Cal Consumer said: Had this happen for the 4th time today: female calls, doesn't ID herself only states that she is calling on behalf of Sunrise Home Remodeling which is "in the neighborhood" blah blah. This company is owned by Zohar Construction which operates at least 2 other construction business aliases in the Southern CA area. She doesn't take a breath forcing her "spiel" out. I patiently wait until she's done. I ask her to remove the number from the list adding I do not own the property. She continues by stating "that's funny, I have here that work was done on your property last year." I continue by saying "the company will not be hired again to do work here." She then, yells at me over the phone and calls me a "liar." I tell her that I do not appreciate her tone or rudeness, she continues to shout at me "liar, you just lied to me" blah blah. I hang up on her. Not that it matters because "no" is "no," but I do NOT own the home I live in. The permission came from the property owner who has since mandated this company will not be used again. Even if they did good work, why would we ever hire them now if their marketing practices are unprofessional and downright criminal? I want to see this company put out of business and the people who own it, and especially these people who work on their behalf, arrested!


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Nampa, ID

anonymous said: No message was left.


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: unavailable
Caller type: Unknown

Anon said: Either a scam or a bill collector, number "confirmed" for someone who lived here years ago.


Caller ID: Unknown

anonymous said: Said she is a legal courier supposed to deliver a summons to me at home or pkace of work and that I'm supposed to have two ID's ready.


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: WV

anonymous said: Man with a strong accent called my cell phone, said he was with Microsoft 365 Outlook and said he had a report that I was having trouble with my account. I knew immediately it was a scam. He asked if it seemed like things were taking a long time to download things and if I was getting pop-ups. "Oh my!! How did you know?!" Said that's why he was calling and he could help me get rid of the virus. I just had to give him my account number and computer IP address numbers. He would look at my computer and then fix it. What a sweet guy- should have asked if he would like my bank account and social security numbers too!! I hope people can see this guy is a scam artist!


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Hope IN

Tammy said: Did not reply when I answered


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: ACE CASH EXPRESS
Reported Location: tasika


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Indiana

SoddiNotMe said: Some creature called from 5-642-311-5411 this morning and even though my telephone rang for 4 minutes, I did not answer it.

To my knowledge, and someone correct me if I am wrong, '5' is not used in the United States when dialing an 'out of area' or long distance telephone call.

According to one reverse telephone number lookup site, (minus the '5' before the area code), the following information was 'free':

Owner Name: Available
Full Address: Included when available
Phone Type: Landline

That 'free' reverse number lookup service will only provide the information when you pay for it. Ummmm? No. I consider that 'free' service to be just as much a scam as the creatures who are calling from '5-642-311-5411'.

What really ticks me off is this....my name and telephone and cell numbers are on the 'Do Not Call List', yet I get all sorts of telephone calls from all sorts of creatures. What is the purpose of a 'Do Not Call List' if every creature and their cohorts are still able to call me? I have even received calls from creatures wanting me to 'join in a class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of a trans vaginal surgical mesh....'! That is when I attempted to cut the idiot off by telling him that it did not apply to me. Much to my irritation and his stupidity, he continued to talk about 'the class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of a trans vaginal surgical mesh'. That gave me time to set the telephone handset down, get a body alarm out, position the body alarm right upto the handset, and pull the pin. Well, the idiot finally hung up and I have not received any other calls from them. So, either the creature got the point that such a 'class action lawsuit' did not apply to me, OR he was deafened by the ear piercing sound of the alarm. Ummmm, my guess is he had to have his hearing checked and his experience was passed onto others who worked with him. That body alarm comes in handy for more than one thing. :-) If you do any body alarms, get at least one....I have 3 regular sized alarms and 1 small alarm. That gives me enough alarms to have one by each of my telephones and one to carry with me.