Caller ID: Unknown Caller


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Michigan

Burwyn said: Called in the afternoon. Didn't leave a message.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Caller type: Unknown

Ron said: Called about 7:30 (CST) in the morning as I was getting ready for work. Then last night started calling around 10:30pm, and called until nearly 1:30 in the morning. Never left message, just called over and over. How can I get rid of them?


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

anonymous said: someone claiming that they filed a complaint on something and they would be filing the necessary county court papers.....


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Chicago, IL

anonymous said: Someone calling multiple times over past few weeks. Finally left a voicemail (RECORDED MESSAGE) today saying something about ignoring this will be an intentional second offense to appear before the magistrate or federal court about a criminal federal offence. This is final notice to reach you' to resolve this call immediately??????????????


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

PM said: You are ugly besides annoying, wht do you want???


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: none

none said: The number 1-589-641-0652 is bogus, scam. The guy said there was a problem with a Windows computer in my household, blah blah blah. I just hung up.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Arthur, IL 61911

Anon said: Received call in foreign voice...asked for person in house by first name. Unable to understand. Very poor English, if it was English


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: allison pk pa

Among nous said: Calls 3 or 4 times a day. Call is coming from Africa. Sick and tired of these jerks. Don't know what to do outside of blocking the calls.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: 63304

joel said: Caller claimed to be from IRS but couldn't give me my SS#. Really??? I told him he was nothing but a scam. He said he was calling the police and to expect them to come to my door.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

anonymous said: this less than intelligient person or whatever it was, sounded male...called my mother and scared her by saying "he knew everything" and spoke her mailbox number. it un-nerved her. it makes you feel violated. THE NUMBER IS 556-899-7900.



Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Ava, MO 65608

Judy said: "Alex" called claiming to be Microsoft support wanting to "fix" my computer. Last week all I saw was "Unknown Caller" - I hung up, but today "Alex" called again and this time caller id showed this phone number. I hung up again and reported it to Microsoft then came here to do a lookup.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Tennessee

anonymous said: Claimed to be the IRS. Told me they had a lawsuit against me.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: 98026

anonymous said: The caller left a recorded phone message saying the IRS was suing me and to immediately call 206-973-3241!


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Ohio

anonymous said: These frauds have left dozens of messages on my answering system over the past week with caller ID blocked. When I answered and forcefully told them not to call back, they started calling every 10 minutes and have been doing so for 2 days. I was able to get their number by setting my phone to reject anonymous calls and then the number 143-550-7311 started showing up, always with callers with an Indian or Arab accent. Don't fall for this scam. These criminals are scavengers, cockroaches, swine.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Company / Organization: Payday Loan
Reported Location: Los Angeles

anonymous said: This sounds like an call call center in India. The website names always change. They say they are calling from Quick Cash Phone or some other payday loan company and that I have been approved for $1500. They can barely speak English and the background noise is loud. Also the connection is really bad. I don't know what their scam is - possibly selling the all the information they get from their marks - but they are definitely not depositing money in people's bank accounts.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Niagara Falls,ON, L2H2T1


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Company / Organization: UNCI

annoyed said: Called my ex-husband's house and spoke to my daughter looking for my boyfriend. Said that he needed to call the number and reference a file # to avoid being served papers. I called the number and found that it was UNCI. After giving them the file #, they informed me of the name of the person they were trying to reach and said that if he did not call them today that they would proceed with serving papers and he would just have to plead his case to a judge. Luckily, I did my research and found out that it is likely a scam. Our situation seems to be the same as what others have experienced.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

Sam said: Telling me I have not responded to the "Windows" e- mails. When I asked her want she was wanting from me, there was no response from her. Then I not so politely told her what I thought about her making those scam phone calls.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: 20902

anonymous said: One at 10:AM, another time- Saturday morning, at 8:30AM. I have tried to add to my service (Verizon) no call list, but it will not accept number because of the 128 prefix. How do I stop this? Nomorobo doesn't stop it either.