Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: 16148


Caller ID: "unknown name"

Bren said: phone # popped up on cell phone - unknown name


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: Delaplane, VS. 20144

Frank Vincent said: We do not answer unknown numbers so I don't know what the call was about and they did not leave a message!


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: 25312

anonymous said: Hung up after saying cuss words


Caller ID: "unknown name"

anonymous said: Called 3 times, no message


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Company / Organization: Tech Helpline
Caller type: Other
Reported Location: Muskogee,Ok

anonymous said: Argued for 5 mins with me about my computer.Wanted me to "make a change" to it that would clean the others running on my network also. (When asked if I was in front of my "KumPuter"I responded by asking Which One??) LOL, He refused to tell me his buisness lic.# so I could verify he was a legitimate buisiness saying"That information is Confidential,it is not given out to the 10,000 employee's because ANYONE could say they were the buisness" I told him,it was PUBLIC info,and used to VERIFY a buisness was legit,I could ck online to get it. THAT'S 1 purpose of the BBB. To beable to ck if a buisness is real,and report fake buisnesses. ;) He wasn't happy with my view point.


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: 28560

Truthful said: Called first thing in the morning and did not leave a voicemail


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Company / Organization: Higher goals marketing
Caller type: Telemarketer
Reported Location: Kansas

Kmad said: Get call everyday re: great credit payment history...push 1 to speak to rep. Pushed 1, got person who identified company name but insisted that, because I pushed 1, I called them. She wanted personal credit information which I refused to give, then got frustrated when I pressed for more information about this company. Said if I wasn't going to answer her questions she wasn't going to answer mine, then hung up. Calls come from different number everyday. This company is a registered LLC in Florida, agent Brandun Anderson, Kissimmee. I'll report every number tey call from and spreading the names until these stupid calls stop.


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: 21036


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: southern ontario

Billy said: answered the phone to a fax beeping ....


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: a0e2m0

purturbed said: has clled before... we do not answer calls with id "unknown name"


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Toronto

Not Michael said: This number called and a female asked, "Is Michael there?"
I replied, You have a wrong number."
The female responded, "Oh, we'll update our records."
She then hanged up the phone.


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: Michigan

bmc said: This number is a guy looking to destroy your computer or hack into it to gather personal information. DO NOT visit his website or allow him to take control of your computer!


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Company / Organization: Do not know
Reported Location: 02892

NE02892 said: Called my cell phone number which typically does not get much of robocalls.


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Company / Organization: Beyond the Rack
Reported Location: London

Anon said: Telemarketing with the BTR company querying unsubscribing to the online site. Hung up after stating budget reasons. No reason really is needed,its my choice whether or not I want to continue with a company


Caller ID: "unknown name"

Scott said: I received the same type of call. Heavy Indian accent. Started talking about programs that are downloaded onto my computer without my knowledge. He proceeded to try to get me to go to a particular website. When I refused, he asked what I do with my computer. I informed him I was a Network Engineer for an ISP and I use my computer for work related activities, and he said "OH, OK, Good Day Sir" and hung up. NPA 584 does not even exist. Spoofed outbound CID information.


Caller ID: "unknown name"

anonymous said: Probably spam call saying I was going to be sued by IRS.


Caller ID: "unknown name"

anonymous said: We received a call from this number at 6:15 AM on January 22,2105. Telemarketing calls are bad enough but deplorable at that time of the morning. Not finding any info about the caller.


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: Kamloops

Gnar said: Left it ringing, business phone line, no voice mail


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: Salt Spring Island, BC

anonymous said: Did not leave message on answering machine.