Caller ID: Unsaved

donewithspam said: Did not answer. Immediately disconnected without answering.


Caller ID: Unsaved

Kitty said: no one on the line but someone pushed 4 keys on the other end.


Caller ID: Unsaved
Company / Organization: ? unavailable on caller ID

Felis said: I have never seen a received or missed call get listed as "Unsaved" in my call list, regardless of where it originated or if the number is in my contacts or not. Then again I don't typically receive calls from European area codes if that is, in fact, what it was.


Caller ID: Unsaved
Reported Location: Indiana

rajah622 said: Called twice about 40 minutes apart. Left no message. So, I assumed they were a telemarketer.


Caller ID: Unsaved
Reported Location: Madiosn Heights, Va 24572

krejaton said: SPAM!