A said: Caller ID says this is from Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology). Alumni solicitations, perhaps?


Frensa04 said: It's the Metropolitan Opera (or other entity in Lincoln Center).


Di said: Called me this past weekend. I told them 'No Thank You' on three different occasions. When it became obvious that they were not going to take no for an answer, I hung up. Since then, they have started calling 3-4 times a day. I called the number back and if you listen to the entire message, they tell you that they are exempt from the do not call list because they are a non profit. However, you can leave your name and number and they say that they will remove you from their list. That can take up to 15 days. We'll see... I support my local police and fire, but I do it directly and not through a third party.


Caller ID: Medallion

ONTarget said: My parents are 93 and 82 years old and have received calls nightly for one week or more -- they do not answer the call -- and will not answer the call.  I returned the call from my cell yesterday and only got a recording about the many charities they support and then a disconnect -- no way to ask them to stop calling.


Caller ID: Tommy

chris said: "Tommy" says he's selling ads to support an area High school football team.  Talks fast and says our business is "highly recommended"  We think it's a scam.


chris said: Did not answer call


R said: I got a phone call from this company, claiming to be the Government Grants Department.  They said I was qualified for $25,000 from the government to buy myself a house, car, etc... I said "Okay, if your the government, then I would guess you have my address, so if you want to send me a check, send it to my house on file" and he repeated by saying "we need to verify this information with you."  I repeated back to them that I felt that this is a scam, and that I woudl appreciate it if I could talk to a manager.  I talked to the manager who said she was from Houstin Texas.  After a little talk with her, she gave me more lip about giving her all my personal information.  I told her I thought it was a scam, and I was calling the police, where she then decided to cop an attitude and hung up on me.  What nerve these people have!

my email is
Jsperber635 (at) gmail.com

if you have any information or have gotten a call from these people, please contact me at that email address


Diamo said: This is the Shriners Fundraising... They have been calling every single day, sometimes 6 times a day and past 9 p.m.!!! a couple times. This has been going on since March. They also use 6742, 6743, 6746


Caller ID: Unavailable

Fred said: call & hung up


Caller ID: requestaloan.com

gjd said: they told me to apply for a loan for financial difficulties that would provide me with free money for up to $25,000 at requestaloan.com (but they said it is not a loan) The money will come from nonprofits and wealthy individuals.  I just have to apply using my phone number and email address...


Caller ID: Medallion

JayDeemer said: Charitable Organizations are not governed by the Do Not Call list.   They are free to call unfortunately.   The best thing to do is contact the charity involved and tell them they are not call.


Caller ID: Lupus Foundation

jms said: Constant calls over several weeks.  Asked to be removed to no avail.