Caller ID: Share Group

K911 said: 323-429-7572
Called them, got a recording. You can call and press 2 to have your # removed, but they call me from a different # everytime, so I responded to each # on my caller ID. Other #s they have called from:


Vic said: For the last month I've been getting calls from 416-628-4564. They call any time of the day, including at 9 pm. A real nuisance. I know everyone is trying to do a good deed, but I'm already committed to a number of charity organizations.


Caller ID: Denver

DCS said: I called the number back.  It was for the Children's Cancer Research.  Usually they have called with a number that has CRC at the bottom of the ID.  This time it was a different number and it said Denver, CO.  I guess they figure they can trick you if they change it up a bit.


Caller ID: CLF

Don said: Christian Life Fellowship out of OKC. They are truly worse then telemarketers. They call non stop everyday.


Caller ID: 406-558-4656

bothered 3-25-08 said: Received a call from this number and they hung up when I said hello.
Called it back and also found it to be the United Breast Cancer Foundation.


Caller ID: Unknown

Mojeesha said: When I answer the phone, the person in the other line told me in Spanish that they were a Latino Association that helps Spanish...  I told this person that I was working and don't have time to attend his call. But I would like to know how he got my phone #,  he told me since they are a Latin Association trying to help Spanish people with money they have access to all the phone numbers.   I asked for his association name and he started talking of different things and told me he will call back later...  I asked him before he hangs up to tell me the name of his association he ended the call.   I called this 305-447-6098 back and it rang and rang nobody answered it.


Caller ID: NRDC

mrsdustysmom said: I contribute once a year in August to this organization. They have started placing calls to my husband's business phone(How they got that number I have no clue). I want them to stop.


Caller ID: afca

Fayber said: We also get calls from this number.  They are probably looking for donations. Charities do not have to check the DNC list.


Caller ID: 2405430867

Isakaba said: ASking to call, possible gang terrorism.


Jason said: The weird and sick christian wack jobs are at it again with a prerecorded message from GOD.  How ridiculous and offensive. These weirdos have no ideas how offensive their messages are. I'm filing a complaint with the FTC.


Alicia K. said: Please remove my residence telephone from your list--the number you called is 412-781-8477. Thank you.


Caller ID: TVO

JK said: It's TVO, i.e. Television Ontario. They are fundraising.


Caller ID: 2147689199

sms said: SMU looking for donations


western wisconsin said: I answered the phone, said hello twice and a guy answered asking for me by first name. I said "who is this"? he said he was with the wisconsin professional police officers, (asking for donations I'm sure) where at this time I immediately hit my no spam phone button which announced that this number does not accept this type of call. They called back the next day.
Police officers, breaking the telecom law. Go figure.
Why don't they go out and write some speeding tickets to make their money.


john said: Caller said I had a $5000 grant coming to me and wanted my bank name and account number to make sure i didn't get ripped off.


rt said: These people keep calling me about the United Breast Cancer something, but never leave a message. One can call the number back but no one answers the phone, only a message is heard. They sure won't get my $$$.


daniel obuobi said: E Bernard Jordan / Zoe Ministries visited my church before.  If you buy a book or CD, they give you the option of signing up to be on their contact list.  Most times, they are inviting you to an event.  As far as I know, they don't intentionally make cold calls to people who don't want to be contacted.  As for the "You've been hacked" message, I think someone else who was annoyed at being called on their cell phone hacked into Zoe Ministries voice mail system and replaced their recording.  To get off of their contact list, call them at 212-220-8668 or email them at bishopjordan (at) zoeministries.com, give them your name and number, and request to be removed.  The woman I spoke with said the info is passed on to their technology staff and you should be off their list in about a week.


Caller ID: 1888-836-6284

Orange Ca. said: recorded call trying get me to donate my car , PAIN IN THE BUTT ,
If you can't call in person DON"T CALL AT ALL ! ! ! !


Caller ID: NY Philharmonic

Mikey said: I called it back. It's someone with the NY Philharmonic trying to get me to donate again.