Caller ID: "Unknown
Reported Location: Progresso

cindi said: On a cruise when the number called


Reported Location: UK

NoOne said: I am getting daily calls about gas boilers from this number it is driving me mad! I have no idea how to stop them


Reported Location: High Wycombe, England

vannin said: I am 73 years old and was woken at nearly midnight by someone calling from that code. Not in the best of health but now in a foul mood. How dare some fool disturb people apparently all over the world.


Caller ID: none came up
Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Los Angeles, Ca 90008

Devin said: This guy keeps calling my mom asking for 300 dollars for air fare. He sounds to be of African dissent. She met him on a social network and now he wont stop calling


Caller ID: "unavailable"
Reported Location: 45356

anonymous said: This was creepy. heard a strange sound like some kind of bell and a pop and then a high pitched voice saying my name, saying "Why don't you answer me.


Reported Location: Jacksonville, Fl 32218

Jax Girl said: I received a call today from 001-0000. It did not have an area code. The guy that called asked for me by name and when I asked who was calling he replied with " This a government agency in Washington D.C." I replied with " And." I guess that from the tone of my voice he didn't want to waste his time with me so he ended the call. I waited from him to call back, but he never did. Wondering where he got my information from because I only use that number for business calls and it's a Magic Jack phone. I really hate that it's so easy for a stranger to get personal information about me.


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: clovis,nm

Don said: would not speak when answered


Reported Location: 48316

Dee said: No info on the phone except the number


Company / Organization: (Unknown Scammer)
Reported Location: London

Unown said: Can not trace it's a Scammer


sr said: Been getting a phone call from here don't know the number


xorpheus said: Me to...living in Germany and the call came in while I was absent at 8:12 pm


Sandy said: I got the same number calling me this morning also in germany. What the hell is this?


notebook@silberchen.de said: i just had the number on my display
calling me in germany on the early morning of october 11. 2008


Reporter said: Receiving calls from this number at @8:45pm. It wakes our baby everytime and I am livid. New Zealand

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