Reported Location: California



JJ said: Can't call this number back. Anyone else getting calls from this number?


Caller ID: lukas
Reported Location: duck hill ms


Company / Organization: Microsoft
Reported Location: Nebraska

Brenda said: Caller said they were from Microsoft saying there was there was a problem with my computer. Wanted me to get on my computer to resolve the issues. Told him I was unavailable wanted to know what a good time would be I said tomorrow at seven he replied he doesn't call on a national holiday and considered Sunday a national holiday . He sounded like he was Indian.


Caller ID: Unknown

d said: Received call from this number.. Although I did not answer


Caller ID: "Out of Area"

Nony Mouse said: Have received many calls from this number after a computer hacking


Reported Location: canada


Caller ID: NONE

schip said: When you try to phone back, the number does NOT exist!


Company / Organization: Life UK
Reported Location: Solihull

MD said: I have been harassed constantly over the last few days on my direct line at work. I have told the caller that I am not interested, that they are calling me on a work number and they have also been told several times not to call again and that I will report them. Their reply is that they will keep ringing me. I have had to request our network manager to try to block the number now.


anonymous said: Foreign accent, calling me to supposedly check the security on my computer, and for me to turn on computer, and follow instructions that the caller would give me. Of course, I hung up. LOL! Told me to listen, that this was serious and that my computer could be very infected, if I did not listen. had these kinds of calls before, just scams, will they ever end!


Reported Location: Huntsville, AL

anonymous said: Asked to speak to the "dog".


Reported Location: England


Reported Location: KEMPTON PARK


Reported Location: 77375

anonymous said: Microsoft suggesting that my computer has viruses that will cause it to crash ......scam?


Linda said: I have received 3 calls from this number wanting to fix my computer. They say there is a virus that needs to be taken care of through their organization. The man asked if I have my computer on and if not I was suppose to do so.


Disgusted said: 12 times today - no message and I NEVER answer any phone calls. It is here to call 911 and nothing more.


Miss annoyed! said: +0119246586 Watch out when this number rings you. Do not answer it. It steals info off phone and leaves it unusable.you also get charged £80.00 everytime you answer the phone.it looks like a local number but it is American . Got called today but did not answer it. You need to enter it to the phone block list so you don't answer by accident or memorise if you don't have facilities .


Reported Location: Northern Ireland

mona said: Missed call from this number yesterday (16.10.14.) at 1pm UK time, rang back and it showed "wrong number". Won't answer or ring this number in the future!


Caller ID: +1-011-924-6586

JM said: Who is this? i wasn't daft enough to take out PPI!

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