Anon said: Called from this number at 3.30am this morning. Panic stricken at thought of bad news from family. No one on the line.


Cockneysparra said: Got woken up at 6 am today,not early for some but unwell and disabled.As lots of people worried in case it was bad news.Hence spent time worrying and checking family/friends numbers.


Caller ID: no number
Reported Location: EH32 0JG

G said: Received a call from this number this morning 6 April 2016 at 4.49am. Shot out of bed as early morning calls in my experience are emergencies or horrid news.Picked up the phone to silence for a few seconds, said hello a few times then no response and it clicked off to a dead line. Very unsettling.


Reported Location: alloa, clackmannanshire

Bella said: Phone call at 6.15am. Didn't get to the phone in time so don't know if it was a recorded message.


F**CKING Annoyed said: Got a call from this number @ 4.31am......hung up just as I answered......annoying


Reported Location: scotland

G said: phoned at 2am !!!! woke me and my husband.No response when answered lay awake worrying someone was in trouble ever since!!!


Reported Location: Aberlady

anonymous said: Called at 0.50 am this morning. Furious. Answered and no one there.


Caller ID: 02213441112
Reported Location: glasgow

Anon said: Phoned 6th Apr 3.40 am. Terrified us all as we have family living abroad.


Reported Location: Glasgow, UK

anonymous said: Caller rang at 0500 this morning. When I answered there was no-one there. Really annoying.


Reported Location: Glasgow, UK

anonymous said: Caller rang at 0508 this morning. When I answered there was no one there. Number is a spoof or cover number.


Memphis Flash said: These CLOWNS phoned at 11-20pm and woke up our two young grandchildren which had just taken us TWO HOURS to settle down. It also scared the Fudge out of Roger. Dear inconsiderate bar-stewards, if you are going to make these inconsiderate cold calls, at least have the decency (look the word it up in the Oxford dictionary) to check the TIME ZONE!!!!!!!!! The Memphis Flash.


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: Mobile
Reported Location: Mirpurkhas

Junaid said: Who call me


Company / Organization: claims to be Windows Tech Service
Reported Location: Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK

anonymous said: Caller had an Indian accent and claimed he was from a technical person working for a company whose name began with Windows. Said they had been watching my PC and saw that it had recently been under attack. He quoted my address as "proof" that he was genuine and wanted me to go on to my desktop computer and do what he suggested. I declined and cut the call.


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: Unknown (Scammer?)
Reported Location: 68048


Reported Location: Switz

NPO said: Reçu un appel de ce num. ce matin sur mon portable, pas répondu.


Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: jOHANNESBURG

Junu said: Can i please find out on which area or company is this number from?


Caller ID: 022 591 00 78
Reported Location: Jura

Antipub said: C'est incroyable le nombre de résultats sur Google en faisant une recherche sur ce numéro.
Je suis quand même curieux de savoir qui se cache là-derrière: ça fait maintenant plusieurs années que cela dure, et combien
de personnes "persécutées"...


Reported Location: Jura

Anne-Lise said: Idem que Bibi, pas là donc pas décrochée, bien qu'il m'ait appelé deux fois, et là j'me dis "ouf" ;-).
Je vais directement enregistrer son numéro sous "Pas décrocher", mdr!

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