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: CA, US
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krader said: got the same at 8am on 12/20/08 Does anyone know who the number belongs to????????

louise said: Same experience at 8:00am on 12/20/08. I hope they catch them.

Caller ID: Unknown Caller

AlexeyB said: received call at 12:30 from this number asked for account info, our reply was you called me so you should have the info you just asked for then we hung up on them. somebody please catch these idiots !!!!

Caller ID: Unknown

Mt. Juliet TN said: Ditto at 11:57AM
Don't bank at F&M.
Hope these guys get caught before they rip off a little ol grandma out there.
This makes me so angry

Caller ID: 213-596-8824

Terry said: Same Info I am in MJ and just received the same call.  I didn't press "1" to speak to someone.  Sounded like a scam to me.

Caller ID: Unavailable

Mt. Juliet also said: Unusual activity in accounts.  Same here.  We called back, and it said the mailbox was full.  Mt. Juliet TN.  What's the deal?

Kathy said: Same experience at 8:45am on 12/20/08.

Nashville, TN said: also near nashville tn and at 7:45 a.m. on a saturday phone rings caller stating unusual activity on a credit card

airbrusher said: Got a call from this number @ 10:50 AM PST, knew was a scam, so hung up on the automated message.

Mt Juliet TN said: got a call from this number knew it was a scam called mt juliet police they said it had been reported and they are working on it hope they get it taken care of soon

Caller ID: FM Bank

W said: Just received the same call....it wouldn't allow me to speak to anyone, and I even tried typing in a "fake" 16 digit number(1111 1111 1111 1111), but it was smarter than that.  It is certainly a scam, I don't even bank with them.........

Mt. Juliet said: Same call at 9:31 am on 12/20/2008. No F&M Account.

Mt Juliet, TN said: Same here. I've only had my home number for about 5 days and haven't given it to my financial institutions yet.  Sounds fishy to me.  My wife was the one who answered the phone, but in her case, she said the auto-prompt didn't identify itself.

Lesa said: Received the same suspicious automated call from 213-596-8824 at 10:46 on 2008-12-20. I couldn't make out the name of the financial institution so I checked all my accounts and no unusual activity was present. Definitely smells like a phishing expedition.

Dj said: today, 12-20-08

Caller ID: Unknown Caller

louise said: Recording claiming to be from F&M Bank. Said unusual activity had been reported on my card and wanted my account information. I dont have an F&M account.

jack said: received a call from them right now (Dec 20 2008, 11:05am).
obviously it is a scum
no one bank asks your credit card by phone

Caller ID: 1-213-596-8824

Old Hickory, TN said: I had just made a large purchase 20 min earlier, and got the same phone call when I got home.  I think I got scammed, I already cancelled my cc.

Caller ID: 213-596-8824

Mt. Juliet, TN said: Just received a phone call here in Mt Juliet.  Must be a scam.  It says suspicious activity on my account.  Got the phone number and it traced back to a Los Angeles number 213-596-8824.  It asked you to press #, we hung up.

Mt. Juliet said: Ditto at 8:15 AM.

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