Duncansville, PA said: get the same call daily for last 3 weeks. It is downright annoying


Caller ID: cmmnty reading
Reported Location: phila pa


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: levittown,pa

Jackie said: Keep getting calls from this unknown number, they say nothing and hang up every time they call. So far today Oct.25 2013 at 2:50 was the last call from them, I called the number back, and a woman taped voice says goodbye.

I am on the do not call list, why am I getting these "prank" calls form whomever owns this number?
Haven't they got any thing better to do all day than prank call peoples homes?


Caller ID: V02514071900000

annonymous said: Got 2 calls. No answer on the line. When I called the number back, there was a recording that said GOODBYE.


Reported Location: 18360

anonymous said: Unknown caller... does not leave messages and cannot return the call.


Caller ID: Bucks Co Police
Company / Organization: ??

anonymous said: Received a Blank Annoyance call at 8pm on 3/20/2013 -- Left No msg


francis said: called home... frightened siblings as mom just went off to the Doctor for cancer screening?? No message? Only FAX machine upon recall?

Thanks.. Tax dollars spent well. Day ruined with worry for Mum.


Company / Organization: Self
Reported Location: camp. ca. 95008

peppy said: This call is coming from a place called Everest university. I beleave they got upset with me because I didn't join there online program. So they gave my #no. out to these people.


Reported Location: san jose ca. 95008

Doc said: Boy I must be in the wrong business. You guy's are calling people to make them curious. so they look it up on line, and get charged money to find out whom it is. Of course depending on how bad they want to know....


Company / Organization: Tri-County Home Improvements
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Philadelphia, PA

anonymous said: Terry Hayworth the owner and contractor for Tri County Home is NOT to be trusted. He did some concrete work for me about 200 sq ft. He didn't show up as scheduled. I made sure that I didn't pay him until the job was done. The only thing that was left was the clean up but he never cleaned up after the job was finished. I had to remove the dirt and concrete myself. He promised to give me $100 for the trouble but never paid the money. His last address that I have is 2916 Knorr Street Philadelphia, PA 19149. Do NOT TRUST THIS GUY.


Caller ID: Voicemail
Company / Organization: at&t
Reported Location: Middletown, MD

Computerchrissy said: This is AT&T cell phone number for voicemail.


elana said: This number sends spam text messages


Caller ID: College Admissi
Reported Location: New York


Caller ID: Penccro AST 1
Reported Location: MA

atan B said: This is a collection agency chasing a bought debt. Best advice is ignore them--if they call more than twice in 7 days contact THE PA ATTY GEN as they are violating the law.


Company / Organization: Global Direct
Reported Location: Huntington Beach

RitaJean said: This company is called "GLOBAL DIRECT" and they are a SCAM!!! They will call and ask for who ever does the maintenance, get a name, and then send you some product and a huge BILL for something you DID NOT ORDER. Watch out for these guys. Don't give them ANY names and just HANG UP on them!! Based in Levittown, Philadelphia, their number is: 215-396-2934 or 215-396-2937 and maybe many others!


witch said: keeps calling leaves no message - annoying


Company / Organization: Quebec Business Development Office
Reported Location: Laval, QC H7G 2W7

Harold Leclerc said: I just got a call from a lady, in english. I asked her if she speaks french. She replied by saying "you speak english". I said "you're calling me from an organization in Quebec and you don't have people speaking french... She hung up!


anonymous said: This person with this number is a thief.

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