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: MI, US
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Caller ID: some law firm
Caller type: Collection Agency

KB said: I just got a new home phone a few weeks ago (gave up on stupid cable phone) Apparently the person who had this number before never paid a bill in their lives, judging by the amount of debt collectors and attorney's offices that call me on this number. This number is particularily annoying because it is a recording, that doesn't ask for a person, but a number (perhaps a case number??) I have used the opt-out feature several times without success, and they call 2-3 times a day. The Caller ID reads 'Law office of s" but without the full name i can't really find the actual owner and ask them to stop calling /force them to stop calling through litigation. My brother works for the sheriff's office and i am ging to try pursuing something through them, but without knowing who it is, it may be hard to file a complaint. ANy suggestions? SHouldn't there be a law tat says phone companies should wait for some period before reassigning a number (or at least some measure to notify people that it is a new person?) If COngress wants my vote, then do something about anoying debt collectors that go seemingly unregulated in their harassment of innocent parties.

me said: what is the status of limitation? and how long can they keep harrasing me?

informed said: Yup... it's Stillman Law Office and they tried to collect a debt from me not once but TWICE and BOTH of the debts were from my years in college and were way WAY out of the statute of limitations.

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