Caller ID: Dsh
Company / Organization: Chofu
Reported Location: Sge


Reported Location: Oregon

anonymous said: I have had these calls coming in for several years now I refuse to answer them, its always the same caller and at time a different number, name Alex or Dave.. some problem with my computer, hacked, vicious malware ect.. living in Oregon these calls can come in as late as midnight and as early as 6am, I had shut my computer down for about 8 months, and continued to get these calls, even tho it was not being used and in storage. I was told to "go get my computer"and "get it hooked up" so this person could get into it and "fix" it.. Or he would send out a police officer to have me arrested.. I told him to go for it.. I have repeatedly asked then to NEVER call again,to stop harassing me, and that I have reported these numbers to the FCC.. they don't stop..


Caller ID: "Unknown
Reported Location: 19446

anonymous said: Called knew my name. He asked if this was "my real name". I answered "yes". Then explained that my computer had a problem. My concern is that I responded "yes". I understand scammers are recording the "yes" and then charging your various accounts with fake recording including the "yes' response.


Caller ID: "unavailable"
Reported Location: Saint Cloud, MN

mgm said: got a call 2/7/17. Picked up but did not say anything. Heard a "pickup" and then "hang up & dial-tone"


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

anonymous said: someone claiming that they filed a complaint on something and they would be filing the necessary county court papers.....


Reported Location: Concord NC 28025

Caitlyn said: N/a


anonymous said: Receiving a lot of calls from this number today, however you can not return the call to see who it is and / or what they want. When you call back it isays this number can't be completed.


Company / Organization: nation wide environamental
Caller type: Telemarketer
Reported Location: tx

Mary said: scam chem company


epc said: Got a call from this number 255-773-306331. It has the two extra numbers on thhe end and it rang at 1am. No message was left.


epc said: Got a call from this number 255-773-306331. It has the two extra numbers on thhe end and it rang at 1am. No message was left.


Caller ID: Out-of-area

Pugg said: Calls repeatedly in early morning hours (EST). No message, no response, just a crunching sound.


frazz said: i have a message, congratulations, you have won a toyota prado from toyota kenya in conjunction with world internet


Caller ID: 46-671

Wesley 'Epenisa said: Wesley 'Epenisa
Kingdom Of Tonga


To Whom May I Concern,

My name is Wesley Epenisa i am living in Tongan Island and i am resisding at Ha'akame, i am 24 years old, i am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Letter Day-Saint i am a return missionary i serve my mission at Samon and New Zealand, i am still educated at the Community University at the Kingdom of Tonga. I start working at the ACE Loinvest, And now am still looking for a job to work on.

The reason of my email, that i have recieve in my mobile phone a message
form your company which is Toyota Kenya in Conjunction, that i have
a Toyota Parado that why i am emailing, my phone mobile is 882-2097
if you have more information please you can contact me on my phone

You are welcome to email my address and contact my phone number
Thank you for all your help and kindness.=A0
Marry-Xmas and have a happy new year..

Faithfully yours
Wesley 'Epenisa...


Caller ID: Louisiana Number

soybean said: I got a call from here too, no message left.


Caller ID: (255)663-5900

larryfromny32 said: I got a call from this number as well and called it back and got a message saying it was a travel related call and I will be contacted again shortly


frazz said: that i won a Toyota Prado from Toyota Kenya in conjunction with world internet,call( i know its a scam)

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