Caller ID: JustIn
Reported Location: 30161

Sorceress said: Beware of this caller attempts to rip u off pretends to be real


Caller ID: Alabama

xxx said: Called my cell phone. That's against the law in my state. Not allowed to call a cell phone number with solicitation unless they have written permission from the cell phone holder in my state, it's against the law. I don't give my cell phone number out to businesses. This caller let my cell phone ring 3 times then hung up. This is nothing but a scammer calling.


Company / Organization: albertville primary school
Reported Location: albertville al 35950


Caller ID: Consumer svcs
Reported Location: 15905

Rich said: COnsumer services wishing to "lower my credit card interest rate." I pressed one one time and it connected me to a lady who was rude and hung up when I aimed to have her remove me from the call-list.


Reported Location: Guntown ms 38849


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: 325976

Unknown said: Calls with background noise on the line. After about a minute just hangsup


Unknown said: This number has been calling me for months about another customer oweing debt. "Windermere, Thomas". I do not own this name, nor I know of this person. This has been calling me for months and in school which is annoying because the caller is an automated voice about debt collection. I am a minor, so the fact that a number is calling me nearly constantly and leaving the same VOICEMAIL over 9 times is very annoying.
If there is a way to remove this number from calling me or prevent this number from calling me or haivng any communication with this number please feel free to contact me at this email: allfyekhmer26 (at) live.com for an advice of removing this number.
Note* This number has been added to my reject list for over a month but still gets a voicemail from this number. (12566659363)
The caller ID shows up as


Caller ID: "Out of Area"
Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: So Cal

Annoyed in Cali said: No message left.


Reported Location: Ga.

Linda said: Called me Oct.22,2013. I said hello but they never said anything.


Caller ID: Piedmont
Reported Location: Georgia

anonymous said: They call and hang up when I answer.


Reported Location: rugby

jonesb said: Didn't answer it


Reported Location: GA

cynthi said: Knows me


Caller ID: Piedmont AL
Company / Organization: Allied credit
Caller type: Collection Agency

Tammy said: After they called and asked to speak with my husband on my cell, told them it wasn't his number and not to call me back again that I would have him call them, the "friendly" lady said they would just call me back until the got him, I started to tell her to not call my number again and she hung up on me. I just called them back at 256-447-3701 and spoke with "Anna no last name" told her I was making note of the call and would call the AL AG's office and file a complaint with the FTC under the fair debt collections practices act and sue them if they do not stop calling my phone. Of course she said she would make note of it, if they call again I will definitely follow up!


SARAH said: extremely rude!!!!!


Reported Location: hsv al 35810


Reported Location: talladega,ala

shay said: who's behind that number

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