Caller ID: Bigollo

anonymous said: Said his name was Leonardo Pisano Bigollo and wanted to discuss Phi with me. But he called me on May 22nd instead of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 8th, 13th or 21st. I suspect he wasn't really Leonardo.


Caller ID: 2580006646
Reported Location: 77521

LYNSTACE said: calls all the time. Never a message left. I don't answer calls like this.


Pissed off said: Received a call from #258-963-1482. Said his name is "David Clark" with National Grant Department. Employee # 1169 Business address 1900 Howell Branch Rd. Box 50 Winter, Florida 32792. Claiming to have a $7,000 grant money transfer from Bank of America in my daughters name. Gave to me her correct mailing address; name of bank she does business with. Wanted my name; address; Bank name, routing number, checking account number; requested check number; telephone number; last four numbers of my social security number. Had a female named "Erica" call me back from 258-963-1475 saying she was inputting the information into their computer to generate two routing transfer numbers, also requesting all of the same information. over and over again. I told her when she asked for the information that this was just a phone scam for them to steal from my account and hung up. "David immediately called back, as well as "Erica" claiming to be a valid operation. I reported the calls to my telephone company, numbers came back as unfound. I reported this calls to my bank to stop any possible electronic transfers to or from my account without telephone confirmation from me.


Dennis said: This guy called me too - he had my name, address, and phone number, and asked for my birthday.  He also told me I had $7000 from the federal government from some kind of tax payback.  When I wouldn't give him my birthday, he called back 9 times (but I didn't respond).  He also left a weird voicemail!  Should I be scared?


Caller ID: (258)963-1478

dscsdc said: He said his name was James from the US Government and told me that I was going to receive $7,000. I hung up on him and he called me back, angry that I hung up and told me he wasn't finished. I told him that I didn't believe him and he hung up on me.

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