Pam said: Quit calling


Caller ID: Unassigned
Caller type: Unknown

me said: First time the guy called the answering machine picked up and all he kept saying was "Hello" and my name. Another message today with him saying he could hear me on the line and that he wasn't a tele-marketer. Then proceeded to say "Unbelievable! Coward!" Funny, I was at work when his call came in. Actually hoping he calls me back so I can lay into him.


Reported Location: KENOSHA,WI

anonymous said: They call, don't leave a message and if you try to call back, # is disconnected. Then they call again in a week or two, same thing happens. I just delete it now and don't try to call back. If it's disconnected, how can they call out from it?


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Reported Location: Racine, WI., 53405


Caller ID: George

Anon said: This person has been sending me messages on viber and harassing me. Threatening to find me and rape me.


anonymous said: This person has been sending me messages on viber and harassing me. Threatening to find me and rape me.


Caller ID: B Krueger
Reported Location: Brown Deer, WI 53223


Reported Location: Little Rock, AR

Shelleybean said: BEWARE they charged my credit card over $1,000 over the course of 4 days for unknown, unidentifiable charges. Investigating and charges will be filed.


Reported Location: Chippewa

Rob said: Number came up on my phone and went to voice-mail and sucked up 10.00 min off of my phone..wtf?


Reported Location: Wi

Gina said: Quit calling and wasteing my mins


Company / Organization: Primerica Financial

The dude said: Tony Farnsworth heads a Primerica Financial Services location/region based in Pewaukee.


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: Not Given

Angela said: The skam is still on. I also received a VM from Tony yesterday saying he was forwarded my resume and has a job opportunity. Said the company is expanding in the greater Milwaukee area. Also, he did not give the company name or position. I thought it was a fishy so I googled the telephone number and found these comments. Delete the message! Something is definitely up!


Reported Location: 98204

vlad said: Why nobody stop them?


Reported Location: nebraska

sandie said: this number came up on my caller id....don't know who it is


Frank said: You should print out the postings here and show it to him. And then let us all know how he responds.


Frank said: Tony Farnsworth called me the other day. Reading all of the posts leaves me with a strange feeling as he has been making these calls for several years now. What a creep! I don't plan on returning his call.


Caller ID: Chris
Company / Organization: scs
Reported Location: pell lake wi


Caller ID: Chris
Company / Organization: scs
Reported Location: pell lake wi


Anon said: I have met with Mr. Farnsworth and I am meeting him again next week. Seems like they have a good thing going and I am looking forward to meeting them again.


anonymous said: Hmmm I just moved to Milwaukee, put my resume/credentials on the site with the hopes of finding a job. I DID NOT include my phone number but received this email:

My name is Tony Farnsworth, I am a Vice President in charge of hiring and development. Your resume was forwarded to me as someone who may have certain skills that we are searching for. I would like to discuss opportunities that we have with our company in the Milwaukee greater area. Unfortunately, the resume we received does not have a direct phone number to contact you. Give me a call directly at (262) 527-5988 or my office (262) 349-9334. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tony Farnsworth

Wondering if anyone has actually talked to Tony Farnsworth? Is it at least a legit job?

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