Reported Location: Nigeria

anonymous said: This unknown number called me today 29/9/17 at 14: 55


Caller ID: same as phone #
Company / Organization: IRS (?)
Reported Location: Orlando, FL

anonymous said: The caller left me two messages to let me know the IRS has a case against me; wants me to call back at 025999606 (?) for details.
Did the IRS move to a British Island north of Saint Martin/Sint Marteen?
Definitely, it's a scam!


Caller ID: Name not found
Reported Location: Texas

ankie said: The call was received at 9:29 am, Saturday morning. This is an edit to my previous comment


Caller ID: Name not found
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Texas

ankie said: Indian guy called and said I had microsoft problems with my computer. But before hanging up, I told him what to do to himself. MF camel jocks!!! Also, my phone numbers are now on the National Do Not Call Registery. This # has called my land line several times in the last week. I've never answered, they've never left a message. This time I was asleep, 9:45 am, so I was especially irate when awakened by this completely and totally unnecessary call!!! Report these types of call to your phone company, the FTC and tell everyone to do the same!!!


needznoshat said: different number tonight, cannot add them to the do not call registry or my blocked numbers


Caller ID: Not available
Reported Location: Indiana

anonymous said: This is the scam in which the caller tells you they are "from Windows Support" or something like that. They give you some story about how your computer has been sending them messages about a virus. This is the seventh time I have received a phone call like this within the last 12 months and I have increasingly been having fun with them. This time, though, I wasn't feeling too creative, so I just told them I had a Mac, at which point they hung up. Each time, the caller has had a moderate to heavy Indian accent yet always manages to have a very American name. To date, the names I can remember talking to have included David, John, and today's was William. When I asked him what number he dialed, he could not tell me because he clearly did not understand me. He just went back to reciting the script he had. I asked again, then he actually dropped the phone, then handed it to another person who spoke slightly better English who identified himself as a technical supervisor. This was the point at which I told them I only had a Mac. If I were to actually follow the instructions they begin to give me each time, it would give them control of my computer at which point they attempt to extort money from me in exchange for unlocking my computer.


Chad said: Unknown dr office - need to know which one

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