Reported Location: 92649

Anon said: na


Caller ID: Unknown

Kathy Pitts said: IRS SCAM CALL!


anonymous said: I rec'd a phone call today from this #, it's on my caller id. When I answered, a lady who sounded Chinese said she was "calling about my computer and needed to talk to me about updating it." I asked her who she was, what company, & she only repeated her initial comment. When I said: "Just a minute, I'm going to write your # down and check on it, she immediately hung up". Obviously someone trying to get information, or some kind of a scam. I will report them


Caller ID: "unknown name
Reported Location: brooklyn, new york

anonymous said: Recording said they were IRS and was last warning for me to call that they will be filing a law suit


Company / Organization: said irs
Reported Location: new york


Reported Location: Ohii

Cheryl said: I received a call from 1-266-289-5458 on 2/16/15 @ 11:18am EST. The guy claimed immediately that my computer was in danger, that someone tried to gain access to my computer without my knowledge. I immediately told him that I was not going to be scammed and that he needed to remove my number immediately from his call list. I continued to make him aware that I was on the do not call list and that if he caked my number again, that I would report them and they would pay a fine. He still insisted, "Ma'am, you need to understand that your computer is at a great risk and that it needs to be taken care of immediately." I proceeded to tell him, that this call was not to protect me or my computer, it was only for his financial gain and to scam me. Again, I insisted that he remove my number from his list or I'd report it and he'd be fined. His response, "Uh, uh, uh, okay..........click". I seriously hate scammers!!! of course when you try to call the number back, it says that the number you dialed could not be reached......go figure, big shock!!!


JohnQ said: Phone rang once, no message left.


Reported Location: 30060

Bob said: rang on saturday 5-8 times @ 2 pm


Caller ID: service message
Reported Location: Lincon, Ne 68516

Anon said: Did not answer--suspicious caller


Caller ID: 12663978767
Reported Location: Bangladesh

echo said: Get calls from this number. Uses slangs , don't even know who that is!!


anonymous said: Got the same call today. They were fuzzy on the details and when we inquired further the line was disconnected....


anonymous said: Called saying we won a free Disney vacation. Knew my birthday and email address and insisted on knowing what bank we were with. Hung up immediately.


Misbah said: He call me and Abusing me and my other Family members please help me

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