xxx said: Called my cell phone which is illegal in my state. No business has been given my cell phone number. Without written permission from the cell phone holder, it is illegal for solicitation to be made to that cell phone number. No business has that from me because I will not give it out. Complaints on other sites state caller claims to be credit services. Others just say caller wants to talk about their credit card. Only one off the wall complaint said caller pretended to be Microsoft Tech. Support calling to let him know his computer had a virus.
This is a cell phone number. Also today is Feb. 29, 2016...Leap Year Day. Some web sites with complaints are posting it as March 1, 2016.


juxtapose said: anyone remember when this belonged to sumace?


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Reported Location: Niles, mi

Peaches said: Call heavy breathing


Caller ID: i have no idea
Company / Organization: i have no idea
Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: 84064

stromkirk said: I love midget porn


Caller ID: Pain Alert
Reported Location: Ohio

anonymous said: Caller ID showed "Pain Alert" 1-269-978-1197.
No message, and I did not answer.


Bmo said: Keeps calling with no message, no one on the other line, at all times on any day.


Reported Location: kalamazoo

Re said: This number keeps on calling me for a name of some one that I do not even KNOW! I ave asked them to stop but they still call....UGH!


Caller ID: 2692880172

Anon said: some idiot calling and not leaving messages.other sites said its someone trying to get you to lower your credit card bills or something.LOL dont have credit cards,people are morons.filed complaint with fcc..


Reported Location: California

Mike said: I too have had several calls from this number. I did not answer but am certain it's a scam call of some kind. Do Not answer calls from this number as you may assume the connect charges and high minute rates on your bill.


Chuck said: Unknown caller from Michigan State called several times, but would not leave a message. I do not know anyone from Michigan and I do not know why anyone would want to call me! This might be from a solicitor or telemarketer.


Reported Location: Texas

Bokkie Tx said: This number called my daughter's telephone. I was not amused! I called them and got the same fake customer service recording as apparently everyone else did.


anonymous said: Company calls and tries to tell you you are able to save money on your credit card debt but when I asked to remove my number/name they immediately hung up the phone on me! Tried calling back and there is an automated response asking to remove your number or dial 616 555 1234 to speak to a rep. That number however is clearly not a real number and continues to provide a busy signal. This company is obviously a fradulent company trying to steal your money!


Caller type: Unknown

ziafelpos said: You re not funny, you re not cute, you re not hot, you re not good dressers, you manage to pull of an impersonation in the worst possible way. Congratulations my first one star? rate on YouTube. Ever.


Caller type: Unknown

ziafelpos said: totally? awesome


Caller ID: h272
Reported Location: oklahoma

hindsight said: Called at 9am christmas eve morning....seriously what's the deal?


Caller ID: kalamazoo MI

anonymous said: calls fax line but never leaves message


Caller ID: h272
Company / Organization: mine
Reported Location: 73064

anonymous said: Please STOP calling my home!!!


Caller ID: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Houston, TX

Lomere said: University and College Finder... knew my name, and asked me if I wanted to go to college, and if they could provide information on local schools for me.

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