Caller type: Unknown

lynn said: let machine pick up , no voice mail left. Spam call


Buzz said: a call requesting info on a person i may know.


Reported Location: Chicago

anonymous said: Called me saying that the IRS was suing me, and told me to call 360-861-4613 for more information.


Caller ID: 277-396-9786
Reported Location: 70653

Anon said: Called on 1/22/2015. Always report them to FCC, Do Not Call. Eventually AT&T and others will have to provide a way to stop these calls. Consumers shouldn't have to pay high prices just to be harassed and no solution. As soon as AT&T is fined heavy, it will stop.


jack said: this number called my cellphone. After two rings the other party hung up so I dont know who was calling. I did not return the call


Caller ID: no display

tasha said: I receive calls from this number at least 5 times a day.. I decided to answer and no one said anything and just hung up.. Whelp, blocking that number!!!


Reported Location: canton, ga


Caller ID: "Unknown
Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Orlando, FL 32828

Mike beard said: Got a call from this number on 7/8/2014 at 1:55PM EST. I didn't answer it or call it back. Instead, I researched the number over the internet and came up with this website and hundreds of others like it explaining and detailing that this number and similar numbers from area code 277 are scams, bill collectors, surveys, etc. calling from either Africa or attempting to disguise the real phone number or reason for calling.


Caller ID: No Name
Company / Organization: Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Lakin KS 67860

Pete said: found on my husbands phone


Caller ID: -OUT OF AREA-
Reported Location: Limerick, ME 04048

Marybeth said: Whoever this is called my home at 4:00 a.m. waking everyone in the household. Missed the call the first time but they called back 10 minutes later and when we answered, no one was on the other end.


Reported Location: Southern California

Kenny said: This is a suspicious number.


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Dallas tx

anonymous said: It hung up after I said "hello" and came a few minutes after a phone call from 845-455-2383 in NY where the caller chuckled and laughed at me when I said I had received 80 phone calls in pat two days for a person named James Evans (not me)


Reported Location: phx, az

bug said: No msg.


anonymous said: This number appeared on my caller ID as soon as I plugged in my MagicJack to make a call. Is this a scam number?


Reported Location: syosset

henryd said: Post an "car for sale" ad on craigslist and got an immediate response from

Primiano Gronert primianojuw (at) hotmail.​com

Bonjour if you please call me 277-981-6445. Tremendous Thank you very much


Reported Location: Portland, OR

beth said: Got a message from a Craigslist ad a posted - the wording sent up a red flag: "Hello there certainly call me 277-620-8502. Exact Many thanks. " Not responding, if they are really interested, they'll write again!


j said: Someone SMS to me said I won U$2 million from Blackberry and asked to email to bkberry (at) live.com


Caller ID: 277-959-7068
Reported Location: Washington state

anonymous said: My phone rang at 2205 GMT ,knew 277 to be fictitious area code,did not answer.

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