Cilla said: Same here, every few days no voicemail just calls on my cell.


Caller ID: HostWay
Caller type: Commercial

Born@night,butnot lastnight!!! said: the call woke me up atr 2:22AM EST.  the caller said they had deactivated my ATM card for my protection and I needed to enter the 16 digit number to reactivate the card---
caller ID said Hostway and gave the 312-416-0294 number----there is no answer when the number is called--


vinny said: unknown caller 1-312-602-2527


Caller type: Collection Agency

Steve said: Phone number for collections department of Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation


Jen said: just got a call from them, tried it back and all circuits were busy


Caller ID: Marie Brighton

Jim said: Caller Id says Marie Brighton, and 312-775-1288... got this call two days in a row now, and they hang up when someone answers... and when you try to call it back, it says All Circuits are busy... I think it's a phishing scam to compile call lists.


Philip said: I answered and the caller disconnected.


Caller ID: No Name

m shep said: Called yesterday the 7th & today the 8th. Does not leave message! Unkown name.


Jordana said: I got a call from this number, didn't leave a message so i returned the call and they answered politely as...Design Technology Online.  I questioned why I received a call from them and I was asked if I had intentions of going back to school.


Chuck said: Automated call from My son's school in Long Beach California.


Clt said: This is their new address:

222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1900
 Chicago, Illinois 60654

I keep getting calls from this number and the first few times there was no message. Now I am getting a message that says they are calling for..... *long pause*  ....???  I listened through the silence and the message went on but didn't say who they were calling for, just a long pause.  Let it be known that I have NO debt with anyone, never had a credit card or anything, so what the frick do they want from me?!?


Caller ID: NONE

Wally said: I've been called 20 times by this number. Each time they don't leave a message. I feel like I'm being harassed.

When I try calling back I get an error message that says "all circuits are busy".


Caller ID: Venali

pj said: it has called at least thirty times in the last hour or so


Caller ID: US Pharmacy
Caller type: Telemarketer

pingerka said: got a call from them. they wont remove me from their list.


ptoad said: Jondering, has anyone succeeded in getting these leeches off your back? If yes, how?


Paula said: This is the same that has happened to me.  Except for once.  A foreign accented lady asked for me and I said that I was not available.  I asked for a call back number and she hung up on me.


Caller ID: IL CALL



Ed said: I just got one here at the switchboard at work --  person called 3 times  shouting some arabic jibberish.... last call I forwarded to the Chicago branch of Homeland Security. Let them deal with this BS.  As I know it was a terrorist.


Caller ID: MCS Collections
Caller type: Collection Agency

Kara said: I am requesting in writing to stop calling my cellphone number and job number.  Whoever is MCS Collections.  You are bogus!!  Stop the Robo Calling before you get sued!!

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