Paula said: This is the same that has happened to me.  Except for once.  A foreign accented lady asked for me and I said that I was not available.  I asked for a call back number and she hung up on me.


Philip said: I answered and the caller disconnected.


Caller ID: No Name

m shep said: Called yesterday the 7th & today the 8th. Does not leave message! Unkown name.


Kira said: Got a phone call. No message left.


Scott said: They are not a telemarketer


Caller ID: IL CALL



Ed said: I just got one here at the switchboard at work --  person called 3 times  shouting some arabic jibberish.... last call I forwarded to the Chicago branch of Homeland Security. Let them deal with this BS.  As I know it was a terrorist.


Caller ID: MCS Collections
Caller type: Collection Agency

Kara said: I am requesting in writing to stop calling my cellphone number and job number.  Whoever is MCS Collections.  You are bogus!!  Stop the Robo Calling before you get sued!!


Caller ID: 312-759-4899

missy said: I keep getting calls from this number on my CELL PHONE!  I don't know this number and I want the calls to stop!


Caller ID: 312-416-0294

Pam said: Called me at work no one there when I answered!
Googled and got your website
GREAT job!!!


Caller ID: none came up
Caller type: Non-Commercial

never pick up the phone said: Received 3 calls from 312-873-0004 at the switchboard.  Man on line was shouting some Arabic jibberish in hateful tone.   WTF  are the terrorists now calling people in the US at random?


mark said: Got a call from this number. The caller left no message.


Caller ID: Harris & Harris

Mike said: This number keep also calling my house and never leave a voice mail so who ever it is stop calling us. And someone solf this problem.


Caller ID: 312-416-0294

MJ said: called and said there was a hld on my credit card because they beleive a third party has used it, and said there would be there questions for me to do the first was to put my credit number in, then social security number, i just kept punching o's and said is this the correct number to push one if not push two, when i hung up and called back they said this is not a working number.


Chopper said: I got a call from this number two nights in a row....they never left a message


Caller ID: 708-679-1814

almostfooled said: Message: We are calling you in response to the entry you submitted to win a a brand new FORD Explorer or Lincoln Navigator. Your name was put on a list as a finalist.  Congratulations!  It is in your best interest to call us back at 1-877-439-4491 ext. 0 ASAP. My name is NICK BALL It is imperative that I speak with you.  877-439-4491 ext. 0.


Caller ID: 1800-966-0087

HangupNow said: Hi this is Prize Distribution center and I'm calling regarding a contest you enter for the 2007 Lincoln Navigator and the contest is over and we are looking in your entry form and congratulations this is Bill and Please call at this number 1-800-996-0087 Congratulations

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