Caller ID: private number
Reported Location: Omaha ne


Caller type: Unknown

GIFitness said: No name, no messages , calls start at 0800 seven days a week over five times a day.


Reported Location: tirupur,tamilnadu,india

sanjay said: Hai I am sanjay. call me to this number 9443938688.


Caller ID: Name not found
Reported Location: c.v. ark. 72324

saddletramp said: foreign accent caller says he is from microsoft windows, says that my computer is corrupt, will not listen or act as though he does not understand anything when i tell him i am not affected or interested in what he is trying to do, he then gets vulgar, again i tell him not to call back and i hang up only to recieve his calls again at randon times of the day with either unknown or annomyous showing on my caller id. hard not to answer calls as i have a business and can't ignore my customers


Caller ID: Indianapolis
Reported Location: Alaska

Peggy said: Caller ID said Indianapolis, IN. I have relatives in Indiana so answered. Disappointed to hear a recorded voice say, "Let me tell you how others are making thousands-" I hung up.


Caller ID: TOMS
Company / Organization: Don't know
Reported Location: Indpls, IN

anonymous said: There are 2 other numbers associated w/this TOMS and I get an almost daily phone call and I want it TO STOP.
317-802-7835 and 317-802-7825


Caller ID: Unavailable
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Fishers, In 46037

harrythehat said: I received 2 calls from this number, one, right after the other. I didn't answer and they left no message. I have no idea whom this number belongs to!


anonymous said: This person left their flyer on my car. How rude!!!!! Actually made me mad. Would NEVER sell to this person.


Reported Location: Fishers Indiana

lisa said: This guy has Aids and is passing it around. I was contacted on a personals site. I looked up his number before continuing further and asked him about all the drama I was reading. I told him my profile specifically said don't contact me if you are looking for prostitutes. He called me a nigg** and so many other names. Told me he had Aids and that the next person I met might be him. I wrote in one of the boards and started a thread. One lady commented with his pics so now I have 3 pics of him. He will send you pics that are of him in his younger days when he ran and rode bikes but he also has some "fat" pics where he has gained a lot of weight. So not sure if those are his old ones or vice versa. Just stay away from this guy. He's crazy. Contacts every single ad on Back page and Craigslist which means he has a lot of time on his hands. Probably dying from Aids. I will start a thread so when people Google his # it will show all the women who have had issues with this guy along with his pics so you know who you're looking for


Company / Organization: publishers headquarters
Reported Location: fl

me said: they keep calling for a so called contest that was never entered


Caller ID: nothing

island lady said: don't know who this is but I understand from another site it is a scam call. I consider it a nuisance call and would like it stopped - I just don't answer the calls from numbers I don't recognize.


Caller ID: toya webb
Reported Location: indiana


Reported Location: indianapolis


Caller ID: invalid number
Reported Location: nj

anonymous said: left no message


Ontoyou said: I got a call from this company yesterday, and they asked me if I was single or married and how old I was, and wanted to verify my address. I think that the might be some private investigation company. Never volunteer any type of information to these types of organizations. I purposely told them false information, because I didn't feel that it was anyone's business how old I was, nor whether I'm single or married, and where I live is certainly never going to be any of their business. I also called my banks and credit cards companies as a double check to see if they had sold my information to any outside parties and I was told emphatically they did not due to regulations they go by-which is where publishers said that they got my information. Whoever they are they aren't who they say they are. Be careful.


Company / Organization: Tranquility spa
Reported Location: Greenwood IN

Hepaidforthat? said: Spa for men to get "happy endings"


Company / Organization: Publishers' Headquarters
Reported Location: Winthrop, ME

anonymous said: Got a call from a woman at this number claiming to be calling from Publishers Headquarters. She said I was being entered in a sweepstakes for the chance to witn $25,000 as well as other prizes. She further said that the firm got my name and contact information from credit card companies, that the credit card companies want to know which cards are most used in the U.S. I declined to participate. I'm leery about any unsolicited phone call or email message these days. Does anyone know about this company, the sweepstakes and the legitimacy of it all?


Reported Location: toronto ontario


Unknown said: I just received a call from that number and a voicemail was left about birth control. So..no clue what it is really.

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