Caller ID: T-Mobile
Reported Location: Mount Vernon


Company / Organization: (Unknown Scammer)

xxx said: Illegally called my cell phone. I do not give my cell phone # out to businesses, so calls like this I know is a scam.
My phone is for emergency use.


Company / Organization: third party health care
Reported Location: idaho

anonymnous said: very aggressive telemarketers inquiring into private health care information and offering mysterious services. block this number if they start calling.


Mad Mary said: Belongs to a spineless worthless person that answers ads on Craigslist to cheat on her husband with other women's husbands


Caller ID: auburn wa
Company / Organization: us goverment
Reported Location: de 19703

SARAH said: they said they had a grandent for me i went to moneygram and i called the guy on the phone and he could not give me a number to get it it a scam


Caller ID: 1786786
Company / Organization: Claiming to be irs

anonymous said: Left message stating they have been trying to reach us and official final notice that they are filing a lawsuit.


Caller ID: Snohomish WA
Company / Organization: investigator Riley

Anomymous said: Female called no dept info just ext:3982


Caller ID: 6342865048
Company / Organization: IRS
Reported Location: florida

anonymous said: Said the IRS was filing suit against us...that it is final attempt to reach us...but, no name as to who they were calling for. Said we must call 360-362-4730 immediately! Can u provide any info as to business name at that location...360 came up as Washington state? Pls advise!


Caller ID: RTC inc

will said: stop calling my home


Caller ID: s washington
Company / Organization: IRS
Reported Location: WEST SACRAMENTO



Reported Location: Bellingham, WA

Valentino said: I accidentally pocket dialed 911 on my mobile phone while in Bellingham WA.
That number was Emergency 911 calling back to confirm my 911 call.
Every 911 dropped call has to be called back. If you don't answer, they will dispatch emergency services.


Company / Organization: Bank Card Services

Commentor said: Bank card interest rate scam. Constant robo-calls. You ask them to stop and they hang up. If you are on a do not call list, report them.


Caller ID: 1-360-322-6663
Company / Organization: Bank Card Services
Reported Location: Gardena, California 90247

jojo said: This company is working double-time Live body and Robo calling everyday from the number I listed when you hit 1 to speak to a rep in hopes to get them to stop. Here's the spin a live body will answer and hang-up as you are telling them to stop calling. What irritates me is that the recording tells you to call if you want your number off their list. NOW my next step is to take it up with BBB to wage a complaint and sue for public nuisance.


Caller ID: Bankcard SVCS
Reported Location: Alabama

anonymous said: This is a scam, and a nuisance caller; they hang up very quickly if you ask a question, any question. They are STUPID!! A bunch of ignorant fools trying to do who knows what. Blow a whistle at them, shout really loudly, or make some kind of loud noise just to annoy them and they will go away.


Caller ID: "Card Services"
Reported Location: FL

patty said: This is a credit card scam company. I waitied and asked for the company name and was hung up on., I am so sick of these calls.


DIZZY said: Lots of voices with Indian accents in the background, caller identified himself as a technician from Rogers, informing me I had viruses on my computer. I laughed really hard and asked "how many people fall for this bulls$##". he said have a nice day and hung up.

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