Caller ID: INTL. NUmber

katelyn said: Also getting these calls. Other who-called sites have more reports, but no further insight on who it is.


Josuah said: Got calls from the number.


Lee said: Several calls


Caller ID: DC
Caller type: Collection Agency

allpay nomoney said: They use generic names (last names usually) like smith, Olson, or Johnson. Today I got a call from this number Leslie Johnson.


ouran said: We got a call from Coastal Aire. The same questions about air quality were asked as noted in other postings. They ask when we would be home and tried to schedule an appointment. I spoke with someone who identified himself as Brandon. It seems that their phone number has changed to 360-373-2001. I am on the National Do Not Call list and will report them.


John Doe said: This is the new number being used by Coastal Aire Concepts, Inc. See postings under their old number for details about their scam at 360-373-2001.

The brief story is that they call and ask a few questions about "air quality". Then the call again to say you have won a prize and want to schedule an appointment to come to your house. Other reports say once they get to your house they try to sell you a vacuum cleaner at an inflated price.


Scott said: Got a missed call


Caller type: Telemarketer

candy said: The caller is a guy of asking for this female that i cant even think of the name now...the caller insist that Im this person and tells me that I have order prescriptions from them before and when I tell him that I dont know who he talking about or what he is talking about then he tries to sell me prescriptions..


Fred said: I just got a call from the same number saying her name was Liz and it was important that I return her call. She even called my Byron...



Jane said: I've received several calls from this number and always IMMEDIATELY tell the caller to TAKE ME OFF THEIR LIST.  I just now received another call as I'm typing this note.  I will report this to the police.


Tara said: left no message


Wifegotscammed said: I have gotten the same call TWICE.  Who would I call to report this.  Thanks!!!


oskinapew said: this is the message that i got.


   I wish to inform you that you have been selected to participate in our trial program.. You stand to earn nothing less than $2000 within 4 weeks of the program..  This program is designed to test for response speed and honesty...

 All we ask is that you check your mail box regularly.. You should expect a percel containing a money order / check... Proceed to deposit it in your bank account and contact us once you have done that..

 I will provide you with further instructions once you have done the above requirements.. Please contact me by mail or call +1 360 566 2857 for further details..

Mr Mark Cage
Employment manager


Eddie said: I have been called by this number about 4 times now since yesterday. I've tried to call it back but it always comes up busy. They never leave a message.


Olive said: UNKNOWN caller


Maddie said: Called my cell phone twice in a row at 2 in the morning. I didn't answer either time, because it had woken me up, and I didn't get to the phone in time. I called back, but it rang a few times and then nothing happened.


Caller ID: State Roofing

smith said: Missed the call - from 360-243-4852 - but they left voicemail. Sounded like a young woman saying her name was Tami (or Kami?), she was from State Roofing calling to make sure the copies of warranties were received and looked okay, then left a different phone number - 800-810-7305 ext 233 - which I'm going to check out now.

Okay, well, the 800 number actually appears to belong to State Roofing Inc. in Monroe, WA. I called the 800 number and it was answered by a different woman, and I told her that a voicemail was left on my phone but they got a wrong number, she thanked me, and that was it. Hm.

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