me said: also got a call from this number with no message on 10/2.


Allen said: Any one else call this number? He says he owns a coop in nyc and wants a $1000k deposit just to see it. sounds like a scam to me....


commercesd said: I have noticed this number coming up on other unwanted phone call lists.  I do not answer calls that I do not recognize. Thankfully, no message was left so it won't cut into my minutes.


Nat said: I didnt answer as i looked the number up first. I hate that they call my cell phone! It will cost me 1 minute if it goes to voicemail!!! Very frustrating!


Caller ID: PCA Security.
Caller type: Telemarketer

Interested.... said: On 9.29.08 we received five calls from this business trying to sell us a security system.  The telemarketer was asking for the owner by name.  On the third call I spoke with them.  Explained that my husband and I were the owners.  That we had a security system that was meeting our needs and to please remove us from their list.  That day we received two additional calls the last of the five was handled by my husband who again told the representative that we did not need their service and asked the representative to remove us from their list.  Today - 9/30/08 we received another call.  My employee asked to speak with a manager.  He explained that his reps were trained to not take no for an answer and that they must speak with the business owner.  I explained that we had asked twice yesterday to have our name removed.  He agreed.  I went on the web site and found the company owner.  I called Andrew Robinson at 360-694-5171.  Told him that his employees were abusive.  He told me that they could only speak with the owner since 60% of all theft is from either family or employees.  I explained that it was abusive not to take the owner's or wife's request to remove us from their list.  He repeated that they could only talk to the owner name on their list.  I explained that my next call would be to the FCC because they were harassing us.  He said call them and hung up on me.  Their call centers are in Wisconsin and Iron Mountain.  Even though we are a business and many of the FCC rules do not apply to us, this is poor business, incredibly poor etiquette and poor judgement.


Caller type: Non-Commercial

Rosie said: Was a call from Department of Revenue in my case. (I talked to them.) Was a very nice lady (Sonia) who was calling about a situation with our excise taxes. This number seems to be a portal as described - when she gives me a number to call her back at, it is a Bellingham, WA number (where the office is) instead of a Mount Vernon, WA number.

Answer the phone if you see them calling because they likely need to talk to you, unless you're into tax evasion. If that's the case, don't answer!


florence said: They just called me.  I immediately told him that I was not interested and as I was telling to please take me off the list he rudely yelled, "Not interested in WHAT!"  Needless to say I just hung up on him.


Caller ID: MSI

Vancouver Business said: 9/26/2008 - unsolicated caller at 360-989-1100


Caller type: Collection Agency

ss said: Dynamic collectors


bp said: Keeps calling... unknown ID.


dave said: Keeps calling... unknown ID.


me said: Do you know what the DNC list is good for? It is perfect for an overseas based caller to use, every number on it is verified as valid!


V said: The 738 exchange is located in Bellingham, WA. It is a Qwest wireline number.


Caller type: Collection Agency

Kitsap Denizen said: I talked to these guys once, it was definitely a bill collector. Gold Bar and Skykomish are in the same rural telephone exchange, hence the similar address listing.


Caller type: Collection Agency

360-748-4256 said: Dynamic Collectors  of Chehalis Washington.

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