Caller ID: Unknown Caller


Company / Organization: Unknown
Caller type: Unknown

JJ said: They called in May 2008 asking for someone I didn't know, and they called again in April 2009 asking for a different person I didn't know. I think it's the State of Washington just trying numbers to see who answers.


Caller ID: Unknown Caller

Jesse said: They have called me several times as well, they are "congratulating" me on winning a free trip to the Caribbean, and then i hung up


Bemoma said: it's a debt collecter.... sorry!


MELODY.HAMILTON@HOTMAIL.COM said: I received a call from this number yesterday, and answered the brief questions (air quality in the area, any allergies in the home, if we use an air filter). She asked for my first name and I gave it, truly thinking it was just a routine survey. She also asked if she could call me back if I won a prize, and I agreed. I received a call back about noon today (a lady named Sheree) informing me I had won, and had a choice between a vacation (three days, two nights.. didn't specify where) or a BBQ grill. I chose the grill as I started realizing it was a scam. She informed me that they could be out at my house today, and we set up a time for 3. The guy, Ron, called me at about 2:30 and reaffirmed that we would BOTH be here, which really started to make me wonder. He shows up at 3:30, and as soon as my husband saw all the crap he was carrying he told him to leave.. that we weren't interested. My husband got stuck talking to him for quite awhile as the guy made his pitch, and also informed us that he didn't have the grill with him (and that makes perfect sense how....?).
If they had simply been up front and honest about their reasons for wanting to come out to my house it would have saved us all a lot of time wasted. Unless you are interested in ridiculously priced vacuums (way higher than Kirby), ignore the call, or somehow get them off the phone.


phone call said: recvd a call from this number im in illinois  the call is from washington state, i called the numvber back and the recording is the call cant be completed as dialed


dave said: Called my home phone. Has the initials DC on my phone reader. Area code is Olympia WA area code. She asked for my husband and wouldn't tell me what it was about or who she worked for, then she hung up.


Caller type: Collection Agency

Mysterious phone call recipient said: The phone number 3607486663 from Melissa Johnson listed as DC on our phone reader is a collection agency named Dynamic Collectors their phone number is(800)464-3457


Caller ID: 3609703534

s said: claimed my number was hers I reported it to my cell phone carrier


Caller ID: 360-816-4088

Matt said: Called but no message


geneagal said: I just received a call from 360 868-3100 and it was my goddaughter calling me from Nicaragua, Central America. She was using a cellphone connection. I believe it is used to convey international phone calls. Some might be bad but this one was a wonderful surprize!


Fighter said: Navy guy called and asked for s3x for $50


Melissa said: its the company that took the photo of ypu kid in the hospital. they may owe u a free photo. i just got free photos and my son is 5. i dont know but its free. why not


G said: I did a little more investigation and did a reverse lookup on this number since it is in fact my area code. It just so happens that the caller was calling from THE BREMERTON, WASHINGTON NAVAL STATION! I think these calls should be reported to a manager or person of authority at that number, with the exact times of these inappropriate calls so the responsible "navy man" can be punished. Its not right.


Are they Kidding said: Def. a scam just getting imfo on people do not give to them.!!!!!!


Shawn said: # used in a fake immigration scam.


SANDRA said: They just called me.


Caller type: Non-Commercial

candy said: I receiced call from this number and  a gut who said he was in Germany wanted to rent my vacation rental. Stated he wanted it for one week in July. He is suppose to send email tomorrow with more info.. Sounds like a scam.. Any one else heard from him


Caller ID: qwest

grayson242003 said: Phone registered to Tomasa Burgos in Bremerton.

I suggest calling back late at night and early morning!


Caller ID: Local Smart Shop

unknown woman said: Received a call from this number 3x so far in the past month.  I never pick it up and they never leave a message.

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