me said: I think it is a portrait studio number-Our 360 portraits. They take photos of your baby in the hospital and also come to your home to do photo sessions. Does that make sense?


A said: called. no response on their side. showed up as Mount Vernon, WA


Barb said: I RETURNED the call and it said the phone was not in service.


Imani said: I received a phone call from this number..no messages left.


Patrick said: Who is using this number?


triggxr said: just calls every few hours and hangs up


Jackie said: what is the job exactly?


Caller type: Collection Agency

dp said: Some chick named Debbie calls me every day. Won't say anything other than a biotchy "Call me." She has the same snippy, arrogant tone as an ex-girlfriend or mother-in-law. I'm not calling her back, and if she calls work I'll be filing with the court and State Attorney General.

Screw 'em.


Caller ID: Washington

Lee said: Caller said "it was Jen and I should know who she is. Please call her cell phone at this 360-921-6651" Lot's of talking in background sounded like a call center.


lin said: Call Log:
October 15 12:38pm - I completed a survey about air quality. They said my name was entered in to win some prize. I didn't think anything of it.
October 16 8:47pm - Saw they were calling on my caller ID... but let the machine grab it. No message
October 17 1:17pm - Saw on my caller ID that they called while I was at work... no message again.
October 22 4:05 pm - "Catherine" told me I had won a prize... an all expense paid trip... I agreed to set up an appointment at my house to give us the prize package... Said both my husband and I needed to be there to sign for it... So I googled it and read these messages. Fearful I called the number 1-360-373-2001 (Which I found online) and asked to speak with Catherine. When she got on the phone I told her that I couldn't make our appointment and would have to "reschedule." I said I would call them... though I have a feeling they will be calling me.

The Number on my caller ID was 1-360-373-2289 but when I called that number it just rang. The number I was able to connect with is one I found online ending in 2001.


Caller type: Telephone Surveyor

me said: I also had the same phone calls as most above, did a survey, won a prize, set up a time and date to receive, both of us had to be home, test a product, etc. Befor our appointment, I felt very unsure of the entire thing and tried to do some research, this web site is the only one that I was able to find any information at.  Need less to say all of the numbers that I tried to call were worthless.  The only number that did work was 360-373-2001, talked to the same supervisor that I had talked to the day befor and told them that they may not come to my house, and to take our number off of their calling list.  We are registered on the do not call list and it will do no good to report them as they consider themselves a company doing surveys.  Be very alert to any calls from them.


luie said: called me twice


Caller ID: Key Land Co

odouls said: No message left --only one call - Centralia ,WA Location


Bryan said: Got a message from someone named Casey from 360 748-4256. Her message did indicate why she was calling or what company she was with.
Did not call her back.


Needsinfo said: Where was this call coming from


renob said: WHO are you ..........


John Doe said: I saw a blue poker scratch card in my newspaper yesterday 10/20 and decided to play.  I was surprised to have a "winning hand." So I called the local number on the card 360-373-2001 and a female answered the phone.  I asked her what was the winning prize for the winning card I had which was a "Four-of-A-Kind (4 Kings)".  She said that my card had to be verified and said that every card was a winning card. She also asked me some questions, age, marital satus, any allergies... then she asked for MY NAME & ADDRESS so they could send my prize.  That rung a bell in my head, so I just told her could I come to your office instead to pick up my prize.  She gave me their address which was on Auto Center Way in Bremerton.  I then decided to google their company name and found it was all a SCAM!!!!! Thanks for this website!


Nancy said: We received a call yesterday.


Fred said: just want the companies name


Elle said: Called 6 times in a row when I didn't answer.  Who is this?

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