Caller ID: Uknown
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: south africa

tree said: Would like to know where the sms I receved came from


Caller ID: None/cell phone
Reported Location: Tennessee

maria said: Has called several times. How can you guys across the internet not find out who is sending these text messages and costing us time and money!


Reported Location: Missouri

anonymous said: "This is Ann from card services. . . " . . . I hung up


anonymous said: Just got a recorded message "your deboit card has been deactivated, press 1" . I hung up. Checked my accts. nothing seems off. VERY PUZZLING..


bubba said: Called my cell phone. I suspect it's a scam, so better not answer. BEWARE!!!!!


Anon said: Called me and said my Marriott debit card would be deactivated. I don't have one so yeah... watch out with this


anonymous said: Said my Western Union Mastercard was about to be deactivated. Press 1 to activate. Problem is, I don't have a Western Union MC. No live person on other end. Would be cautious with this.


Reported Location: littlehockingohio45742

sport said: called my cell phone


Marni said: This call was a scammer asking for $250 for pet delivery.


Bary said: I've been receiving phone calls from this all the time.  i received 5 phone call last night between 10pm to 4am.



JJ said: Received a phone call around 8:00 pm.  Someone wasn't speaking clearly, a mans voice.  When I called back I had hold music and then talked to a young girl.  She acted like she had no idea what was going on and wouldn't tell me the company or reason I would have recieved a call.


Caller ID: ER Solutions
Caller type: Collection Agency

hanca said: Called two times just minutes behind each call. No call ID, just phone number.

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