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: NE, US
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Caller ID: Jefferson Pilot
Company / Organization: Jefferson Pilot Financial
Time of Call: Thu, Nov 11, 2010 - 8:20 pm
Reported Location: raleigh

CHey said: Its jefferson pilot financial...that comes on my caller id.... i just stored the number and edited the settings to NO RING....problem solved.

PG said: Well they called me today. On my cell phone. Explain that.

Het Glendon said: Glendon & pg:
You are partially correct. Certain Fundraisers [501,c (3),(5) and (8), generally charitable or public safety related fraternal groups] and most other businesses are still considered to be engaged in telemarketing. The federal and most states' statutes generally describe telemarketing as  a plan, program or camaign conducted to induce the purchase of goods or services OR to solicit contributions for any charitable purpose or on behalf of a charitable organization. However, even though  businesses or fundraisers are engaged in telemarketing, they may be specifically exempted from most definitions of Telephone Solicatition Call and usually can make an initial call. Another however: Most do not call laws have some type of provision that prohibits ANY further calls AFTER the caller is told that the person called does not want any further calls. This doesn't just apply to calls for charitable organizations, but almost any type of call (even including debt collections). Saying no negates the exemption and the do not call laws other provisions and prohibitions then apply to most calls. As with other situations, no means no!

None of this information is intended to be considered as legal advice and there are some variations in federal and states' laws, so you should check specific jurisdictions statutes. In summary, there are certain exemptions to calls prohibited by do not call laws but those exemptions generally no longer apply if the person called directs the caller to cease calling. I'm not sure if this helps or confuses the issue more, but you and other visitors to this site may want to consider it.

Pointing out the obvious said: No, this person is not an idiot.  This person knows what they are talking about and it is important for people to know what is covered by law and what is not.  Why?  Because (1) it will save you from being unecessarily angry (risking your health and reputation) and (2) so that you know what laws you can work to change if you don't like the current ones.

Jim said: I feel the same!!!

Tired23 said: Thank you for your advice

Steve said: I too was called, and after 10:30pm last night... again this afternoon and no one answered.

mary citizen said: 402 area code, Nebraska?  hey, do you think warren buffett is calling me for investment advice? nah!, highly doubtful

kit said: they just called my cell too, i am also on the do not call list, F'ers!

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