About: 1-403-561-2984

: AB, CA
: Rogers Wireless Partnership
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Caller ID: Unknown Caller

Ruth said: I have been charged 8 times in the last month for "Voicemail Received" from this number. I don't have any voicemails on my phone, not even hang ups. I called Rogers and they said my calls were being forwarded to this number. I don't even know this number and would not have set it up as I do not use Call Foward at all. I had Rogers cancel all call forwarding on my account. They also credited back the charges to my Pay-As-You-Go service.

Jay said: I was checking my phone today to look at the call forwarding option and found that this number was in there as the number to forward to.

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Caller ID: 403-561-2984

Wayne said: According to my call history online I receive a call from this number every couple of days, and I am being charged for it everytime.  I don't recall ever actually receiving the call, but Rogers says I am getting voicemail (though there are no messages on my phone) from them.

Wayne said: Anyone else getting calls from this phone number?

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