Caller ID: none appears
Company / Organization: none appears
Reported Location: 2600

Jhen said: Why I can't call that number


Company / Organization: aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Reported Location: a

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Company / Organization: MD State Gov
Reported Location: Surprise AZ

anonymous said: Numerous calls from this number ID'd as MD State Gov on caller ID. Do not amswer this call A BIG HASSLE


Caller ID: Vexaros

Hhh said: Tired of endless bullsh*t calls


Caller ID: Vexaros

Hhh said: Tired of endless bullsh*t calls


Reported Location: 21225


Caller ID: 410-469-1729
Company / Organization: Verizon
Reported Location: Ellicott City, Maryland

D.A.B. said: I have Mr.Number. Its a great app for blocking unwanted numbers. I have it set to automatically block known spam. My phone showed a blocked call that I hadn't added the number for. I checked here & it said it is from Verizon & just because it has a local area code doesn't mean it won't be those stupid sales calls! Thank you Mr.Number for blocking it & thank you NameThatNumber for telling me its Verizon & showing it on a map.


Caller ID: "unknown name
Company / Organization: Johns Hopkins
Reported Location: California

Yeah right said: Calling for someone who no longer lived at my number. Didn't give them a chance to ask for a better one. Looking for donations.


JJ said: This is legitimate Johns Hopkins University donation request call. If you don't wish to donate just decline or not pick up the call.


Reported Location: Maryland

JMil said: Doesn't seem too innocent to me. Called several times.


Company / Organization: NA
Reported Location: Maryland

JMil said: Called doesn't seem too innocent to me.


Former Hopkins Student said: I had a friend who used to work for Phone-a-Thon and the Johns Hopkins Annual Giving Fund, so I know that they are trained to be aggressive about getting over the phone donations. The call is being recorded and they are required to ask you to donate at least 3 times. If you dont wish to donate tell them: I do not wish to donate at this time. Or say that you would prefer to make a donation online. If they persist, you can hang up on them because they have an automated system which will just call the next person after a call has ended.


bright said: a lady called from this number and said she's calling for Johns Hopkins Peabody and trying to make me donate. She asked me to donate $125 for their students at first, I told her I don't feel comfortable to give her my credit card information on the phone, she tried again and ask me to donate $50, then tried one more time for $25. that just make me feel she is more suspicious. I finally said NO


nick said: Who is this call me again 4438271493


Caller ID: CFG
Reported Location: new castle, DE


Caller ID: Johns Hopkins U

Harry said: Seems like a scam call...the person was really aggressive in trying to get our credit card information. Did they hack into the system?


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: none appears
Reported Location: Baltimore,Md.21214

Mike said: I got called on the cellphone that is owned by my employer. I did not answer the call. I deleted it.


Company / Organization: nsa-satellite intel
Reported Location: ca

tobor said: hello all.


Caller ID: 410-516-3421
Company / Organization: Johns Hopkins

Mike said: John Hopkins CTY updating info & asking for moolah

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