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: WI, US
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republican mom in milwaukee said: I just got this racial call on my cell phone from this number with the theme song from the jefferson's- movin on up. Oh its ok now that Obama got in office that us republican's have to put up with this. I think NOT!!!!  This is B.S.I am black and I'm not a raciest but this sure is. See people (african americans) give all us a bad name and we wonder why we often get treated like this. Wish some of us weren't this stupid.

republican mom in milwaukee said: Yeah I got the same call. It is ssssoooooo  wrong. At least we can track them by their phone number. Stupids!!!

mom in wisconsin said: I just got one too. Little do they know Obama isn't african american like they think. He's 3% african american and the rest he's Muslim. Terrorist Muslim. He even knew the terrorists who bombed us on 911. What a great guy hey.

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