Reported Location: Canada

Haldir1970 said: Received a voicemail from this number and was asked to call 705-820-9747. The person, who had a thick Hisipanic accent, claimed to be a representative of "Canada Revenue" and was reading something that he claimed was an affidavit alleging tax fraud. When I asked questions to get him to confirm who he claimed to be - things he should have known or had access to if he was calling from "Canada Revenue" - he could not and got impatient. I believe the call to be fraudulent as I have never committed tax fraud and when I Googled the area code I found some information that pointed to Mexico.


Reported Location: 16801

Paula said: received an email from this number saying payment has been processed


Company / Organization: Gray mountain management
Reported Location: California


Caller ID: "unknown caller"
Reported Location: colorado


Caller ID: out of area
Reported Location: lone rock wisconsin

Trav said: Call supposedly from a private party in Kenya. Did not ask for anything


Reported Location: PA

George said: Left message but couldn't hear a word.


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Alabama

Julie said: answered but didn't say anything, took a few minutes for them to say anything. They called me about how to trouble shoot my computer and said that cyber security was a big issue, and how they were going to "help" me fix it so nobody could get in. Didn't feel right.


Lotte said: These people call if you have been interested in trying Belle Complex skin cream for free, but stopped short of ordering when they wanted your credit card number and/or you read their terms which reveal that the cream is not free at all, you have to pay $110+ after trying for 14 days! And after you did that, they now call you from this NON-EXISTANT PHONE NUMBER (NO "472"US American area code exists!) - which NO reputable business would EVER do! IGNORE THESE PEOPLE (according to posts online, others have been charged for several jars of a cream they didn't like or want, but they had trouble coming in contact with them and hence stop them from sending cream and charging them $110+ every month!)!!! BUYER BEWARE!


Yukon cornelius said: Didn't answer, no vm. Sunday 2:52 pm


Caller ID: unknow
Reported Location: Greer, SC

Jay said: it was a recording, Said my Palmetto bank card had been stolen and to enter number 1 i hung up cause i dont have a palmetto bank accouint


Reported Location: Toronto, ON

Lula said: Missed call on Sun Aug 24, 2014 at 2:25pm


Reported Location: Toronto, ON

Anon said: Received unsolicited call Sunday afternoon, not answered, no voicemail left.


Reported Location: winnipeg,manitoba,canada

yosemity sam said: calls on Sunday after noon.


Caller ID: 1-472-531-5176
Reported Location: Hamilton

miky said: Some tele marker


Reported Location: Truro, Nova Scotia,Canada

TayMac said: This number called my house at 5am. No message was left as I couldn't get to the phone after they woke my kids! I would call back but it seems after a quick Google search, this area code is unassigned in North America. If anyone else knows more about this number I would love to hear it.


Reported Location: 80904

ahoh said: This was a message left via instant messaging. That is all the message stated.


Company / Organization: Loan?
Reported Location: Northern Vriginia

Vic said: Call transfers to third number not displayed. Asks for me by name, offers loan. I tell them to screw themselves. South Asian voices.

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