Reported Location: Saint Paul

Maggie said: Just called and dead air on 9:30 Saturday night


Caller ID: Liezel Gambrell
Reported Location: 24549

T gambrell said: Threatening mess. To girlfriend


Reported Location: california

anonymous said: telemarketer loan/debt reduction


Reported Location: Los Angeles, CA

Gian said: Someone from this number called and claimed to be from the Government. They told me that I qualified for a $15,000.00 grant from the Government. They wanted my Credit Card Number or Bank Account Number to get it to me.


Reported Location: clearwater


mjbell2 said: I received two phone calls within a minute of each other from this number, 1-487-295-3782, at 4:35 am which woke me up. I have not found out anything about this number yet, but do suspect that it is telemarketers.


Hatethesecalls said: waited 5 secs and a recorded message said goodbye and hung up


maria said: Didn't leave a message


Reported Location: PA

j said: Called twice, no message.


anonymous said: This number came though as an "email voice message" and of course a zip file was attached!


Caller ID: Florida
Reported Location: Tampa, FL 33545

Anon said: No answer.


Caller ID: "UNKNOWN"
Reported Location: 64014


d said: can't seem to figure out what part of the country this is from


Caller ID: NONE
Reported Location: Lake Grove, NY 11755

anonymous said: I did not answer the number, however, I started recieving some a number of unsolicited calls from parties unknown in the last few days, so I haven't bothered picking up numbers I do not recognize. As it turns out, the 487 area code is a phone area code. Which is a pretty good indicator the caller was on the level.


Caller ID: 1-487-819-0614

whoscalling said: This number [1-487-819-0614] called me around 11xs!!!!!! in the morning I never answered because the caller id was the same number. I then was worried that it was family overseas and checked my phone book but the number is strange don't even know the country for area code 487 =0


Reported Location: Augusta, GA, 30907
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