Caller ID: united states
Reported Location: Georgia

Aggravated said: Hang ups


Reported Location: Latham,N.Y.


zoe said: Called my phone and didn't leave message


Caller ID: "unknown name
Reported Location: 402

anonymous said: This number keeps calling and calls up until 10 PM and night. Never leaves a message. We do not answer. Some days it calls 3 or 4 times within a 10 minute period.


Company / Organization: log in rescue
Reported Location: 64014

nl said: This number log in to my computer.


Suzie said: got a message on aol regarding a garage cabinet on Offer Up


Caller ID: "Unknown
Company / Organization: (unknown)
Reported Location: st johns ,nl

polarexpress said: this is an important phone call regarding your current credit card


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: 35594

anonymous said: Didn't answer the unknown caller


Reported Location: walnut creek, ca

trudy said: left message to call an 800 number to "discuss" my account AGAIN


oso said: found on a questionable craiglist ad.


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: 37355

anonymous said: I have been getting calls from this number. When I answer it hangs up. When I have called back I get a recording saying it is a non-working number.


Reported Location: 38473

gigi said: this number has been blowing up my phone...when i said...Please stop calling this number...a man says...I Love you...Really??


Reported Location: Covington, Ga.

anonymous said: Recording said my debit card had been suspended. Press 1 to reactivate it. I hung up and called my financial institution. There were no problems.


Caller ID: "unavailable"
Reported Location: illinois

anonymous said: This number called me 2 times in less then 5 min, looked up the number..its a scam. He said he was from Microsoft and needed to access my computer, told him he was full of $hit, he got pissed and lost his accent LOL. I told him he was a thief and a liar and I was going to call the police. I never had called Microsoft with an issue, I have 2 adult children who work with computers as their job, I don't need to call anyone LOL


Reported Location: Illinois

anonymous said: Called here about 10 min ago. Told them that I know that are a scam and they hung up. Called again 2 minutes ago and hung up when I answered. Have to block them on this number. But they'll just use one of their multiple other numbers in the future.


Caller ID: "unknown name"
Reported Location: Temple Hills, MD 20748-3940

msdeb said: Received a call from this number. Person with heavy accent on other end. When I asked, he said he was calling from Brooklyn, NY. Said he was with Windows and that something was wrong with my computer and wanted external access to it, which I did not give him. Have received another similar call but do not recall number for that call


Caller ID: No Name
Reported Location: Littleton, CO 80128

Anomymous said: I keep getting these calls from (it sounds like) the same people with different numbers.


Caller ID: No Name
Reported Location: Littleton, CO 80128

Anomymous said: I keep getting these calls from (it sounds like) the same people with different numbers.


Company / Organization: Ken Kinsman
Reported Location: 49781

jean said: Says he is from South Dakota,sends flowers,teddybears,and candy!!

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