anonymous said: Called at 5:00 am


Caller ID: "unknown name
Reported Location: Pa


Caller ID: (None)
Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: Florida

anonymous said: These assholes call from India saying they are from your Pharmacy and have Viagra and Cialis available at a low rate.


Madame Mo said: The caller refused to identify itself . Recently we 've been receiving lots of calls from unidentify callers .


Reported Location: Georgia

Milda said: a lady with an accent called to say we had a computer virus and they would guide us ti fix it!!!! Obvious fraud!!!


Reported Location: montreal

uptownguy said: bogus number roaming spoof


Reported Location: Mississauga


Reported Location: Canada

joe said: The full number showing on screen is 491-521-3966810


Company / Organization: amazon.com
Reported Location: Honesdale, PA

Tom said: This # appeared on a bill receipt with my credit card. $95.00 fraudulent activity with a South Carolina mailing address for the delivery address.


Reported Location: NH 03051

Mashelly said: Saying I ordered something from Amazon.com be careful all


anonymous said: These people have called me more than onece and when I say, "Hello, this is..." and give my name, there is no response...then they hang up. Just would like to know who they are...


Caller ID: amazon.com
Company / Organization: amazon.com
Reported Location: Flint, MI 48504

Notabuyer said: I received a confirmation from Amazon.com that I bought a Kindle and the email acknowledged my purchase. However, the billing address was out of a non-existant Gahanna, NC address.


DJW said: called at 1:00 Sat. there is no area code for 491-sorry they got no answer.

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