Reported Location: oklahoma

Rob said: Random number keeps calling.


Spanky said: Zoosk online dating service.


Marketmenot said: Just received a voice mail from this number at outlook.com. No, I didn't listen to the message, knowing that the 494 area code is used by the telemarketing companies. Thank for this site, now I know that....


Company / Organization: (Unknown Scammer)
Reported Location: 40699 Erkrath, Germany

UCA said: complete number on my cellphone display: 1-494-022-8689952
seems to be a German Callcenter; maybe location Hamburg !?
they called me several times, trying to sell/offer current and such products. Never gave them my number and forbid them to call again. So after some hours, the same number, but with US-prefix and unreal area-code tried to call me.
Am thinking now of going to the police and claim against that company.


Reported Location: 49202


Caller ID: "unknown name
Reported Location: Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

Business said: This number called my business asking for the owner trying to tell me they will put me on front page google. I asked how their business made money doing this and he wouldn't answer. I proceeded to tell him I did not want to give my email as this seemed like a scam. He got very rude and defensive. I told him that was it, I am done because he was rude and asked for my name to be removed from caller list.


Company / Organization: google plus
Reported Location: honolulu, hi

anonymous said: jerk on phone was rude asking me why i dont want to use them. also swore at me. this is after them calling me 5 different times last week after i told them to take me off their call list. FN hate this crap


Reported Location: Calgary Alberta Canada

patty said: saw area code i didn't recognize so didn't answer. Went to Voice mail. when I checked voice mail there was no message left


Caller ID: 'unknown'
Reported Location: Helena MT 59601

anonymous said: is this number spoofed? it showed up on my international calling plan, but I didn't call it.


Reported Location: Black Mountain, North Carolina

larry said: Telemarketer asking for information. I didn't let him give me his spiel, told him; "No Thank You, am not interested" then hung up.


Reported Location: adamsville, al 35005

anonymous said: who is this. keeps calling. I have a person who is very ill and may die soon and they call day and night.


Reported Location: Toronto, Ontario


Reported Location: AZ, 85704

anonymous said: Three early morning calls.


anonymous said: Got an email from them telling me I had a voicemail
You Have a New Voice Message
From: 494-944-9855
Received: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at 05:35:13 EST
Length: 02:14

You can listen this message, by clicking here.

Thank you for using RingCentral.


Reported Location: 94040

Bob said: There was no response on the other end when I answered


Mike Dugan said: E-mailed to me via a listing I put on Craigslist in South NJ. Doesnt smell right.

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