Reported Location: HAWAII

HiloBroker said: Can't get my number removed!!!! So totally irritated!!


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: S.D.

geom said: They are a pain in the ass. Would you buy whatever they are selling? Not me.


Caller ID: N/A

Sick N. Tired said: Stop calling me.


Caller ID: ROVER
Company / Organization: Rover?
Reported Location: Kentucky

Sick of all telemarketers said: 2nd call rec'd in less than 24 hours. We are on DNC list. First call was yesterday, wife answered and person on other end started asking questions about smoke detectors. Explained 3 times we do not give out any personal info on phone. Person on other end had poor English, hard to understand. Almost seemed like a prank. Only info on number besides other complaints found was this:

2011-08-30 17:12:38 (6032143695)
Freedom Ring Communications, LLC
CLEC (603-214)
New Hampshire



Caller ID: TN removal list
Reported Location: West Virginia

Confused in WV said: I just received a phone call from this exact number, but when I answered, the man on the other line said he wasn't trying to sell me anything, just had a few questions for me. He asked me if we have smoke detectors in the house, change the batteries every 6 months, if we have a fire extinguisher and if we own the home (after he asked if I was who I am by name). I only gave him "yes or no" answers, thought it was strange, but he didn't ask for any personal info like SS # or anything like that, so I'm not sure what to think, especially after reading the other comments about this #/caller ID name?


Caller ID: TN removal list
Company / Organization: n/a
Reported Location: mount vernon ky 40456

edna said: this number called me at 6:59 pm, i answered an they didnt say a word, this is the first time this number has called, when they call an u answer , they should state who they are an what they are calling for, but everytime a weird number calls like this they never say anything, i am wanting to report this number, i dont know who it is an i think its crazy that numbers like this can get yours an call an call all they want an never say a word, i think an consider this phone harrasment an i want something done about this are i will call B.B.B. an get them to file charges if this keeps up, thanks edna


Caller ID: ROVER
Company / Organization: did not say
Reported Location: Columbus, OH

Veteran said: Since I moved Nov. 2010 and was given a brand new number, I had it unlisted and placed immediately on DNC list. For some reason, I am limited by ATT to 12 entries of calls to block so simply take the first one off and add the most recent one. Caller ID showed "ROVER" and they hung-up without leaving a message. I have been careful to not give my number out and if and when ordering from a company online, I ask them to not share nor sell my info and in this case, I had just ordered a new amp from Guitar Center a few days ago and BINGO!, I get this call from what I am sure is a scavenger of information theft from the research I have done and make sure to report the number to the FCC because once they rec'v. so many complaints, they have to look into it, but not until then! I rarely even pick-up the phone unless I can see and know whom is calling me. I'd advise people TO **NEVER** CALL THE NUMBER BACK AND PUSH THE KEY THAT THEY **SAY** WILL REMOVE YOU FROM THE LIST BECAUSE i DID THAT WITH MY OLD NUMBER A FEW TIMES AND NEXT THING I KNEW, THERE'S UNAUTHORIZED MONTHLY CHARGES ON MY PHONE BILL FOR RING TONES OR LANG DISTANCE PLANS!!! In each case, those companies claimed that "an OK" was given by someone on my phone for the charges. My cat cannot answer the phone...at least not yet!!! Then after much research, learned there's a regulatory loophole that ALLOWS this "SLAMMING" to take place! EVEN IF ON DNC LIST! Not answering phone is best and look at caller ID. If you do not have caller ID, then you can actually be as VILE as you want without voicing one vowel to the caller! Try carrying the phone in the bathroom and place receiver very close to toilet bowl and FLUSH IT!!! Repeat as required and you will lose them quickly!


dIANNA said: calls several times a day


Caller ID: TN Removal

dIANNA said: they call several times a day


Reported Location: Cheapeake, VA

annoyed they called my cell said: offered me a home security system


Reported Location: Cheapeake, VA

annoyed they called my cell said: offered me a home security system


Reported Location: Rockledge, Fl 32955

carol said: Just for the record, I do not want to go back to college. Stop calling me!!



Ettasioux said: I wasn't about to answer a call from an ID that says "DO NOT USE". I let the machine answer. They didn't leave a message. I then looked up the number on Google and found this website.


Caller ID: 603-214-3667
Reported Location: 92648


Caller ID: Award Center
Company / Organization: Awards Center
Reported Location: Connecticut

Nana said: Caller tells you you have won a free Nassau Bahamas Cruise for two is you answer ten questions. After you answer ten questions they ask you to go to www.surveyclaims.com and log in using the phone number and zip code you just gave them. It asks you if you are interested in four different topics and then when you click send...another screen comes up tellingyou your information is inconsistent. You choose to contact them and another windeow comes up and let them know what you just experienced and you send it. Cannot reach the original number that called you as it rings busy.


Caller ID: cmrkrch
Reported Location: NY

pissed said: This is a bunch of BS, I hate getting these calls, I hate this scam even more!!! Free Cruise Tickets?....I don't think so. They keep calling me!! In the past when they've called I'd hang up, now I just don't answer. I filed acomplaint with the DNC List Maybe if enough of us do the same these bastards will get what they deserve. Here is the link to file a complaint. It only takes a min or so to do it and you can be anonymous for the most part. Hope this helps.These calls must be stopped!



Caller ID: cmrkrch

state of nc sold them my # said: It is TM Caller ID, LLC. 2331 SW Fifth Avenue, Portland Oregon 97201-6303 Phone 866-255-1956. Also calls from 309-807-4300 and 918-442-0799. Also known as AFT Technologies Limited 2331 SW Fifth Avenue, Portland Oregon 97201-6303 Phone 503-226-4444. They call from 159 numbers to scam people.


Caller ID: AED
Reported Location: Heath Springs, SC 29058

Happy Jack said: Stop calling as we are not going to answer!!!! Not a member of DNC!!! Get a life!!!


anonymous said: Who is this phone number (603-214-3670)?

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