Reported Location: Springfield missouri 65803

Tosha said: I think this may6 be a second phone for my infidel but I'm hoping not.


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Seattle

Aj said: Received the call from +1(694) 972-5 and didn't answer. Then had a voicemail which turned out to be blank, but the number associated with it said it was from a 360 number... but deleted it before I thought to write down the number.


Caller ID: +1 (694) 972-5
Reported Location: Bellingham, WA

Julinem said: Just rec'd a phone call from this partial number as well, no message was left. I just immediately blocked the caller.


Reported Location: Bellingham, WA

rachel said: Got a call today with same partial phone number. Thought it was strange so didn't answer, and of course they didn't leave a message. Now, I will block! Thank you for your comments.


anonymous said: I got the same thing. Only they left a message saying that my Boeing Debit/Mastercard has been blocked and that I should contact them to unblock it. SCAM. I don't even have an account with Boeing


Reported Location: Newcastle,Ontario

JohnCandy said: I got a call from the same number at 2am


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: halifax, nova scotia

anonyk said: Same call came on my cell phone. Only a partial number showed up


Caller ID: Unknown
Reported Location: Washington

janis said: I received a call on my cell phone from +1(694) 972-5. I thought it odd that only a partial number came up. The caller ID referenced the call as "Unknown" I did not answer the call. i blocked the phone # so whoever is calling wouldn't call back. This site insisted I have a full phone number when I tried to click on the "add comment" I added "000" but that isn't the number that showed on my called ID. Like I said in the beginning, only a partial phone number showed up on my caller ID


Caller ID: "unknown name
Company / Organization: Alleged Microsoft support
Reported Location: 32408

BB said: on going call


Caller ID: devon
Reported Location: 95018


Caller type: Unknown
Reported Location: Logan, Ut. 84321

anonymous said: Received a voice mail claiming to be from the IRS informing me that this was my final notice before proceeding with a lawsuit.


scammed said: claim to be with irs


Caller ID: 'unknown'
Reported Location: 84118

Tired said: So sick of theses fake calls


Reported Location: 10007

Rose said: this tel # keeps on calling me - leaves no message - it is very annoying.


Reported Location: Sacramento, CA

anonymous said: Did not answer. Do not know who this is.


anonymous said: Sends out e-mal voice messages in a zip file. Do not download. I didnt'.


Reported Location: edinburgh

anonymous said: Could hear breathing so someone listening but they never spoke.

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