Reported Location: Montreal

anonymous said: Called 5 times weekdays around supper on week of nov 16, 3 times last week middle of afternoon, the week before around lunch time and, of course, on message at all.


Company / Organization: Belkin

Bob said: Follow up call before they would complete my simple on-line order. Obviously I will not get the item in time!


Reported Location: Honolulu. Jawaii

Gena said: Caller left no message


Zera said: Who's telephone number is that?


anonymous said: claim they are URG and want me to send them some money they call me on my cell phone and I want it to stop calling me!!


Company / Organization: VOA
Reported Location: cleveland.oh

anonymous said: kept calling but would not state their business


Company / Organization: personal cell phone
Reported Location: Franklin indiana

Brandy said: This number calls my husbands cell phone every Sunday!?




Caller ID: anonymous
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: ohio

RJ said: recently I started receiving a call from this number every day; sometimes several days; even when I answered it no one was there so today I called it back just to tell them off even though I know better but just am sick of it and it made just a bunch of noise.


Caller ID: "UNKNOWN"
Company / Organization: State Farm
Reported Location: 46239


Reported Location: P0N1C0

It's a total scam - scammed me out of almost $300. I am still fighting them.


Anon said: I do not do business with TD bank, and i received a call from this #. Its likely just another scammer number looking for a sucker. Whatever you do, dont give them your info. I didnt answer, but i hope they call back so i can tell them to lick their left hand (hint: they dont use toilet paper, and never touch others left hand).


Caller ID: -854
Company / Organization: tCJVVxCTRZzvcnUOMAg
Caller type: Commercial
Reported Location: DhTnOWMjWnKeAez


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: None
Reported Location: WISCONSIN

TLA said: They called my cell phone and when I answered the said nothing, just listened to me a about 30 seconds. When I called back from a land line they answered but wouldn't tell me what company they were or why they would have called me. Stating our company doesn't make outgoing calls.


Reported Location: florida,34653

ampkiller said: got a call and said we had 2 hours to pay some bill but would not say who they were


whoisthis said: It refers you to a website that was not clear, even after its repeated you cannot understand it. Asks you to make a payment. gives you options

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