Reported Location: Seattle Wa.

Just me... said: I got a pop up that stated that my computer it's been compromised with a virus and to call the #... I freaked out and call, some Indian lady "who works for Microsoft" (The way she conducted her shelf, I did not believe it for a second) answered and stated that there were good chances of it. That she will need to access my computer remotely just to make sure.... That sounded suspicious told her so and I hung up..... The weird part that when this pop up show in your computer it literally kinda blocks you from doing anything, the only thing you can do is to restart ur computer (even tho the pop up says not to do so, but hey whut else do you do right?). I did restart my computer and things seem to be fine. Since I was kinda worry about it all day at work I came back home around 11ish pm and call the number. A recording saying, this caller is not available picked up. hum?.... Really? as far as I know Microsoft has a lot more formal/very business like recordings stating who/where your calling. I live and work close to the main Microsoft campus and have a few friends who work there (well who doesn't this Microsoft town n amen to that) anyway feel like walking up there and being like, whutz going here with this #?! DO NOT FALL for CRAZY or SCAM....


anonymous said: It started with a pop up saying that something is wrong with my computer and to call to fix it. www.computerhelplines.com. From what I can tell the web address doesn't exist. It is very annoying and I can't get it to go away.


Caller ID: Unavailable
Reported Location: Canada

bajamar said: calls 4-6 times a week


Breeze said: Called Rogers and that is no their number. It is a scam and taking up my valuable voice message space. Frustrating and not sure how to stop the calls. They are leaving messages on my land phone as well as my cellular phone.


Hank said: Claim to be Mac Support


Sheri said: Received repeated messages in regards to an "urgent matter" from Rogers. Never did answer when I saw it on call display. Finally fed up with repeated messages. called back the 1 855 704 7980. Did not put phone number in as requested. Kept hitting 0 + # until a person came on. Informed them I have NEVER had a Rogers account. They informed me that my phone number is a secondary contact for a Rogers customer that has something to do with their account. I asked who this person is who listed my phone number a secondary and she stated that was confidential. However, if I answer the call next time and not let it go to voicemail I would know who they are asking for (the owner of the account). I said "this is ridiculous, why don't you give me YOUR personal cell phone number and when my credit runs into trouble, they can call YOU up to hunt me down"...to prove how f-upped this sounds. She said she took my number off as the secondary contact and I should be getting no more phone calls from them. I called Rogers Customer Service from their website (1 800 435 9792). spoke with a
Customer Service Rep. asked them if this was their phone number and definitely it is not. Explained what's going on and she took all the info and said she will report to her manager. Do not give out any info for sure !


Jenny said: That # has been calling here for the past 3 weeks!!!!!! Getting pissed ...


Reported Location: 98036


Legally informed said: It's two ladies in an office calling through old debt. They aren't a scam but they are not legally able to take any action on you because the debt they poses is years over the statute of limitations .u won't recall the debt most likely because they are falsifying the information used to gain your payments.its sad, one of the ladies was a cashier before this with no degree in business what so ever. Just offer to buy their lawyers over priced made up services and see how they disappear after that.


Caller ID: "Unknown

123 said: Try to fine out who this is. I trying calling it back and it cut me off


Company / Organization: Agriculture
Reported Location: Pacific

Liam said: Is this a legitimate number?


Caller ID: "UNKNOWN"
Company / Organization: South Atlantic Money Management
Reported Location: Georgia

Erica said: Harassing call threatening saying they have given me ample time to respond. Taking to next level First time I have heard from them. Nothing received in mail either


Caller ID: Unknown
Company / Organization: SST Financial


Reported Location: Newcastle

Jenk said: Have people ordered the miracle weight loss tablets online? I've been getting this number for the last two days now


Caller ID: "Unknown
Reported Location: seattle wa 98188


Caller ID: reynaldo

Michelle said: They called me looking for my mother and said it was a personal matter. My mom is 3 states over . Seems fishy to me


Caller ID: None Appears.
Company / Organization: 'Unknown Caller
Reported Location: Ottawa

Wayne said: This number apparently belongs to Street Capital Finance Corp, an affiliate of the CAA.
They are a non-bank money lender.


James said: This is a recurring pop up on my computer telling me of suspicious activity and to call Microsoft Certified Technicians for help. Is this legit or just another scam?

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