Caller type: Collection Agency

Rdtruck said: When you cAll this number back it says the number is no longer in service.


Caller ID: 800 Service
Reported Location: columbia sc 29206


Caller ID: 18962491
Company / Organization: williams
Reported Location: Yazoo city

Albert Williams said: credit file


Concerned citizen said: Likely a scam. This phone number is not listed under UPS's contact information on their website.


Stroked said: F*cking gay ass political bullsh*t.F*CK OFF!!


Caller ID: 1-855-523-2636
Reported Location: NS

LilBuddha said: If it's NB Power why are they calling me! I live in Nova Scotia! If it's CIBC why are they calling me, I bank at BMO. I loved the suggestion of buying an Ai horn and giving them a blast, might try that.


Caller ID: Rogers

Colleen said: This is a SCAM!! Confirm by calling Rogers themselves. They called and told me I owed $213.56 and needed my credit card. I told them I know I don't owe that amount. He told I did and needed to pay or my "service" would be disconnected. I had just made a payment online 3 days prior, he said it took 3-5 days to go through, I ask how is that possible it was interact through rogers.com. He said it just was. He asked for other phone numbers I can be reached at, I told him that was it (I have 3 cell phones with rogers) if it was legit he would have had it on file clearly. Then he said is your email blahblahblah something or other, not even close to my email. I said you have the wrong person that's not my email. They bill me via email so they have the correct one on file. I said I didn't feel comfortable with this call he got rude and said fine call us back then. I contacted ROGERS and the confirmed the number and the call are FAKE. IT IS A SCAM.


Company / Organization: Speak Easy RV Park
Reported Location: Colorado city tx

anonymous said: Shows as business


Reported Location: Canada

Tanto said: DO not answer this number


Reported Location: cambridge

John Doe said: number is apparently out of service


Reported Location: Montreal

anonymous said: Called 5 times weekdays around supper on week of nov 16, 3 times last week middle of afternoon, the week before around lunch time and, of course, on message at all.


Company / Organization: Belkin

Bob said: Follow up call before they would complete my simple on-line order. Obviously I will not get the item in time!


Reported Location: Honolulu. Jawaii

Gena said: Caller left no message


Zera said: Who's telephone number is that?


anonymous said: claim they are URG and want me to send them some money they call me on my cell phone and I want it to stop calling me!!

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