Company / Organization: National Tourism Development Council
Reported Location: Dallas, Texas

AintBuyingIt said: I received a letter inviting me to the Travel Expo 2016. In exchange for my attendance I get 2 roundtrip tickets from I guess Southwest or JetBlue (since their names were also on the letterhead); and 2 nights at a Marriott Hotel. Apparently they've tried to reach me by phone. Didn't answer then and won't return the call now. This is foolishness and I do not have time for foolishness.


Reported Location: B0J2C0


Company / Organization: Unsure

Ubernice76 said: This is a scam number. Im sure it is used for multiple fake companies. One of which is called WAHEDU or Work at Home company. Ignore this offer if you get any call or email about it.


yvonne said: I previously posted a lost ad on Craig's list and Michael Curry a truck driver at this number called claiming to have found the items. Once I caught on that he was trying to con me I added a few extra costly items not in the bag. He however claimed were in there. He wanted me to hurry and go to a Western Union and send him $150, the amount he claimed to pay for my lost items, a $41 shipping fee and a reward which didn't have to go to him right away. I asked for a picture of the bag and stuff inside. He claimed he didn't know how to use the camera on his cell phone. I gave him options as having someone else take the pic or have western union tell me what was in the bag prior to wrapping it. He said his time was precious and didn't have time for all that. He said either you do it now or lose your goods permanently. He was quick to get off the telephone and tell me I lost the opportunity to claim my lost items. 18552461873 is someone who is toyiing with the emotions of someone who is down on their luck. Remember Michael Curry or whomever you are " what goes around comes around" and my God is an awesome God and "REVENGE IS MINE SAYETH THE LORD." Let me tell you right now, you shouldn't mess with a child of God. I promise you will get what's coming!!


Caller ID: Martyn Smith
Reported Location: NY

gracie said: I keep getting calls from this number. I foolishly hooked into them when a caption came up on my computer that I had a virus and should call their number. I did and now I am getting all these calls.


anonymous said: I had about 20 missed calls from this number this morning when I woke up. What do they want? There's no way I'm answering it after reading these comments.


Reported Location: lr sackville ns


Reported Location: lr sackville ns


Reported Location: 10588

Mike said: Called and hung up when I picked up the phone. This has happened several times.


Reported Location: 84078

anonymous said: Looks like a scam for sure . Came in the mail Add ends with sincerely, The Center For Back Pain



Anonymous. said: An Anna Thompson ( not her real name by her accent) calling from Ottawa. I told her I had already been contacted yesterday by text from another number with the same scam, different wording. She said there is a warrant for my arrest...I told her the rcmp has been notified and she hung up!


Anon said: Ryan Smith from the CRA (fraudulent).


Caller ID: Unavailable
Company / Organization: Unknown
Reported Location: Richmond VA

anonymous said: Different people have called 3 different dates saying they have a "pre-legal" complaint against me, and telling me to call back. Today's call stated if I don't call back before 5 pm. EST they will begin court proceedings. All 3 times the calls have been just before or just after 1 P.M. EST . I have Not returned any of these calls..


Caller type: Collection Agency

Rdtruck said: When you cAll this number back it says the number is no longer in service.


Caller ID: 800 Service
Reported Location: columbia sc 29206


Caller ID: 18962491
Company / Organization: williams
Reported Location: Yazoo city

Albert Williams said: credit file


Concerned citizen said: Likely a scam. This phone number is not listed under UPS's contact information on their website.

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