Reported Location: canada

anonymous said: These a--holes call at least twice a day from different numbers. Last message said they are sending something in the mail. Hope so, I'll take it to the cops


Company / Organization: Home
Reported Location: 77708

Royboy said: Recorded message saying a anti-virus program installed on my computer has been compromised and that I need to call this number for a fix.


Reported Location: cornwall ontario


Company / Organization: Commercial Credit Adjusters Ltd.
Reported Location: Nova Scotia

anonymous said: Debt collector


Anon said: fisching website asking to call to fix bug


Company / Organization: Apple tech support
Reported Location: 47150

Anon said: Flashing red Warning about personal and financial information may be in danger after touching a gaming ap in the ap store on iPad with this number to call apple tech support immediately. Afraid it might be a scam?


Caller ID: canada
Company / Organization: Government of Canada

Timothy said: 1-855-249-2290 is linked to the ESDC/Service Canada/Labour Canada national auto-attendant. This enables users on the corporate phone system (GENS) to be reached directly by outside callers at no cost by dialing the toll-free number, making the language selection and entering the 10 digit extension of the person they are trying to reach (this extension is in fact the person's local phone number).


neo16073 said: Resort Department


bill said: is this a scam number for info on diabetic people


Company / Organization: Vehicle Services Department
Reported Location: NC

k said: Sending false mails should be stopped.


Company / Organization: William Rush Assoc
Reported Location: Beverly, MA

ezeeridr said: calling about a debt, I do not have a debt, to my knowledge


Company / Organization: revenue reporting
Reported Location: FL

SC said: calling me at work telling me they will contact my HR department if I do not pay now.


me said: I ordered those Garcinia Cambogia weight loss pills and received them, just paid for shipping. The calls have been coming ever since. I don't answer them but they call several times during the day and then several times in the evening. It must be them who are making these calls. Figure they will get tired of calling sooner or later as long as I ignore them.


Company / Organization: revenue reporting
Reported Location: oh

anonymous said: keep calling me at work, stating its laura from revenue reporting. I do not have any debt scam number


Caller ID: NONE
Company / Organization: tech support for computer
Reported Location: ca

anonymous said: My computer started to act up and this phone number came up for support. As soon as I heard the Indian accent I knew the little brown Monkeys were at it again.


Company / Organization: Rogers Bank

anonymous said: Calling to check up on suspicious activity on credit card.


Caller ID: AICR
Company / Organization: AICR
Reported Location: Carmichael, CA 95608
eg: 1-555-555-5555
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